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Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 2 February 2007, 11:50    Permalink    Comments (1)


A thoughtful assistant at WH Smith sent John Dowling's copy of this month's issue with a covering note. Unfortunately, the last line appears to send a rather different message...

After receiving some complaints about the issue, WH Smith took it off the shelves. It should now be back up, but with stickers over the offending phrase. If you would like an uncensored copy, please go to Borders or an independent retailer. Or you can buy a copy direct from us by calling +44 (0)207 292 3703.

1 Comment

I tried to buy a copy at a store in North Yorkshire (I wont say where) but they had removed the issues from the brown envelope and as a result the 'free stuff' had all disappeared/been lost.

Luckily there is an independent newsagent round the corner which was happily still selling the original copy.

Don't understand how the phrase on this issue causes offense but all the lads mags with half naked girls doesn't?
2007-02-02 12:55:25

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