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Above is Student of the Year (from University College for the Creative Arts at Farnham) Scott Evans' extensively researched music video The Clock - which details the detrimental footprint of everything he does, looking at fuel emissions, laptop manufacturing processes and more, much more...

Last week D&AD announced the winners of this year's student awards. We've made a selection of work that took first prizes below.


Daniel Foster Smith's Tree Stuff-O-Meter
Daniel Foster Smith of Northumbria University's Stuff-O-Meter won him a first prize. For the project he devised a Tree graphic that can be adapted and utilised to show what different products are made up of so they can be evaluated at a glance – in terms of their environmental impact

Live Bergitte Molvaer's Coutts flag graphic
Central Saint Martins student Live Bergitte Molvaer also created a tree like graphic - but for Coutts

Nick O'Brien's Horror Film Festival poster
Nick O'Brien of Kingston University created this poster to promote a Horror Film Festival - using type appropriately created from images of screaming faces


Winners in the advertising category included Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College's Anya Müller and Nick Shay's Sign Online campaign (stills shown above)for energy supplier nPower. A man travels towards a circular saw on a conveyor belt. Using your mouse to press the 'save' button stops the potential pain - thus extablishing how easy it is to "save"

Drew Glafcke & Ian Flacon's Corbis ad
Drew Glafcke and Ian Flacon of The Creative Circus took a first prize for their ads for image library Corbis

Erik Norenankar & Anders Lövgren's HIV Vaccine ads
One of Beckmans School of Design students Erik Norenankar and Anders Lövgren's ads promoting HIV Vaccination - which won them a first prize.

Henry Sly's Shelter campaign

Henry Sly's Shelter campaign
This first prize winning campaign to raise awareness of charity Shelter's work is by Henry Sly of Somerset College. Top is an example of the sticker / poster and bottom is an example of how it can be applied

Ryan Tym's Lonely Planet campaign
Ryan Tym of University College Falmouth created this fridge-magnet style campaign for Lonely Planet, the idea being that you "make your own adventure"

Grazia campaign by Danaya Bunnag, Komal Ghai and Eisha Maskara

Grazia campaign by Danaya Bunnag, Komal Ghai and Eisha Maskara
Two of three first-prize winning ads by Danaya Bunnag, Komal Ghai and Eisha Maskara of Central Saint Martins for Grazia magazine - which won the trio a first prize for utilizing well-crafted photography


Steve Haslip's Hangerpak

Steve Haslip's Hangerpak

Steve Haslip's Hangerpak
The above three images show off Central Saint Martins' student Steve Haslip's first prize-winning project, Hangerpak. The idea is that T-shirts or items of clothing can be sent in a pack that, on following simple instructions, can be made into a coathanger - thus cutting down on packaging waste by giving it a further use

To see a full list of winners and to see all of the work - please visit


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2007-07-03 14:19:16

That's fixed now - went up as CMYK instead of RGB. Thanks for letting us know
CR Patrick Burgoyne
2007-07-03 15:05:28

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2007-07-03 19:45:02

The images still don't work for me?
2007-07-04 09:58:49

maybe the CR crew are using safari - it happily displays cmyk images, which is great for missing things like this when they upload images ;)
2007-07-10 10:15:27

Great to see some of the work on here! Will they be printed in the mag?
2007-07-13 10:34:01

What about the Ford Brief? The PDF on the D&AD site shows people won a first there too.
2007-07-24 10:38:04

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