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Jeffrey Milstein: Plane Spotter Extraordinaire

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Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 29 June 2007, 14:13    Permalink    Comments (7)

Milstein America West
America West Airlines Boeing 757-200, © Jeffrey Milstein, courtesy Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

A lot of Creative Review readers have been in touch to say how much they enjoyed Jeffrey Milstein's images of aircraft published in our June issue. So we got in touch with the photographer to find out a little more about his work...

Milstein Virgin Atlantic
Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-300, © Jeffrey Milstein, courtesy Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

CR: First up we'd like to know a bit more about the AirCraft project: How do you take the images? What’s the process?

JM: I have been shooting aircraft for many years (I am a private pilot and have always had a special attraction to planes and flying) and over time the images evolved into this very formal portrait. It is a kind of distillation to focus attention on something not usually appreciated, yet strikingly beautiful. I take the pictures near the end of the runway, mostly at LAX. I use a 39mpxl digital back on a Contax 645. I use Photoshop to remove the backgrounds, and I print limited edition pigment inkjet prints in 20"x20" and 40"x40" size, which sell in my galleries in NY and LA.

MIlstein Qantas
Qantas Boeing 747-400, © Jeffrey Milstein, courtesy Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

CR: Was the idea to make them look like studio portraits?

JM: It wasn't a conscious decision, more an intuitive process that just evolved over time. My first career was architecture, and if you think about it the way I am presenting the aircraft is really like architectural drawings. I think years of architect drawings has left it's impression on my subconscious.

Milstein Hawaiian
Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER, © Jeffrey Milstein, courtesy Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

CR: Can you explain why you started the project? What was the fascination with planes?

JM: It's something I had as a child. I built and flew models and loved to go to the end of the runway at the Los Angeles International airport and have the planes come right over me while they were landing. I think it represented escape. There's a movie called Pushing Tin with John Cusack and Billie Bob Thornton, where they go out to the end of the runway and have the planes come in right over them. It's almost a spiritual experience for them. I wanted to capture that moment which is so fleeting, and freeze it.

MIlstein China
China Airlines Boeing 747-400, © Jeffrey Milstein, courtesy Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

CR: How many have you shot?

I have shot hundreds, but they are not all the same quality. The more I do it, the better I get at it, and in the last year I have had the latest 39mpxl camera which has given me the best detail.

Milstein Aer Lingus
Aer Lingus Airbus A330-200, © Jeffrey Milstein, courtesy Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles

CR: We also really liked your industrial archaeology project – can you tell us a little about the thinking behind that and where the images were taken?

JM: Thanks. I have always been drawn to old industrial architecture. The decay and the sculptural shapes. I love to wander around these abandoned places with their history, and layers of old peeling paint and newer graffiti and paint ball splatterings. It is a reflection on how everything eventually decays, no matter how hard we try, everything including our own bodies slowly decay, and yet it can be very beautiful.

Milstein scrap 1

MIlstein scrap 2

MIlstein scrap 3

Urban Milstein
From Jeffrey Milstein's Industrial Archaeology series, shot along the Hudson River in upstate New York. All images © Jeffrey Milstein


These are stunning, thanks for sharing them
2007-07-01 21:10:01

Very interesting shoot. It's almost like you feel as if you're under the airplane and it's a suspenseful moment. Kind of like you really shouldn't be there. I think that's what makes these so interesting - their never-exposed-underbelly point-of-view. Also, I think displaying a series in a row is very striking and would bring out their portrait-like quality.
2007-07-03 17:00:18

These really are fantastic.
2007-07-04 12:59:40

They are beautiful. I work for an agency that works for Virgin and would love to include your image on our new website. Of course I would credit you and respect your copyright. Is this a possibility?
matthew bagwell
2008-02-23 12:51:03

I can imagine the patience you had to finally take the right shot..It gave me the thrills just look at these pictures...I can just picture the moment and the background sound of all this...Really amazing!
outsourcing Technology
2008-07-05 09:28:47

Like the pictures! I would just like to pint out that your 'Virgin Atlantic Airways Airbus A340-300' is actually an Airbus A340-313. Just thought you would like to know! :D
2008-11-01 00:52:26


I am trying to obtain some information about identifying an private jet. I have a photo. Please email me if you are able to help.

Many thanks

2009-01-05 18:30:38

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