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Nike iD London Studio Opens Tonight

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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 1 November 2007, 17:19    Permalink    Comments (14)

Nike iD London studio - both floors
Nike iD's new two-floor studio, in London's Nike Town

Sneaker-heads in London will be aware that tonight is the night that Nike iD's new and permanent studio opens within Nike Town situated at Oxford Circus. Nike iD, in case you don't know, is a service Nike's been offering since 1999, where punters can use an interface on the website to select different colour and material combinations to customise their choice of sport shoe – which will then be made up as per their design and shipped to the customer.

If you can use Nike iD online, why even have a physical studio in the store? Well, Nike want to show off - and grow - the concept. Here's how it works: The new iD studio is split into two floors. The first floor will essentially serve as an introduction to the concept of iD as the walls will display, floor-to-ceiling, an array of sneakers each comprising different colour combinations – thus demonstrating the potential for customisation.

wall of colourful sneakers

On that same floor, there is a wall of grey sneakers so you can see the various styles (54 different Nike shoes are available to customise) stripped of all colour. Here, customers can sit at a computer terminal, hooked up to the online version of iD, and play around with the interface and see what iD is all about, ordering a pair of their own creations if they so wish. This floor will also play host to exclusive-to-the-space iD choices, the theme of which will change each month. We can reveal that November's theme is all about Nike’s partner football clubs in the UK so you can get your favourite sneakers in your club's colours.

Wall of grey sneakers
A whopping 54 styles of Nike sport shoes will be available to customise in the new iD studio in London's Nike Town...

Air Max 90 grey
Ooh, a greyed-out Air Max 90. Nice...

Up on the second level is where the really hot sneaker design action is – as this top studio offers a much more interactive service to punters. How so? Well, to get in to the top studio, users must book an appointment with Q, the concierge and gatekeeper to the studio. Q will book you in and introduce you to one of several specially appointed iD design consultants – each of which is a sporty type with a background in either graphic design, fashion, sneaker collecting etc) and work with that consultant to design their ultimate Nike shoe. A bigger range of shoes are available than online or in the studio below (up here on the second floor users have exclusive access to the following Nike classics: the Air Force 25 Mid, Dunk Hi, Dunk Lo, Dunk Wmns, Air Max B/W and the Air Max 90) and there is a bigger choice of materials to make your sneaker all the more special. The different leathers you can choose from include crinkled patent, patent, perforated, smooth, mock croc and mock anaconda. The exclusive styles on this floor will change roughly every season.

Top Studio image 2
A view of the top floor in the iD studio in which four people at any one time sit with a design consultant to help them create their dream Nike trainer

Top studio
When booking an appointment in the top studio, users can choose which of a selection of specially appointed iD design consultants they want to work with - each of which has a different approach to design due to their background, training and personal passions

Londunk Dunk Lo
Yes, you can have your creation embroidered with text of your choice (to be approved by Nike)

Wall of Dunks
Need some inspiration?

It's possible to apply for an appointment already ( or by calling 0207 612 0990), though Nike iD predict it might be tricky. Certainly in Nike iD's New York studio in Elizabeth Street which has been operational for over two years, the waiting time for an appointment can often be months and months. BUT, there is a way to get an appointment quickly – as Nike has devised a system where a selection of movers and shakers are sent a special metal cube each with an individual code to quote to iD staff. Et voila, a fast track appointment can be made. We advise being nice to everyone you meet – as you never know who might have a cube you can use!

iD fast track appointment cubes

Another way to get your foot in the door is to check out future copies of Creative Review as Nike iD London has kindly offered to give CR readers the chance to win some fast tracked, fully paid for sneaker-customising appointments. Keep an eye on our Gallery page...


what is a Gallery page?
2007-11-02 13:10:10

The Gallery page is in the printed issue of CR. Each month we run a competition there where you can win something lovely...
2007-11-02 13:57:59

Mann yall just keep doin it main i like these shoes i thank any shoes yall come out with are bad so i mean just keep makin ‘em and ima keep buyin ‘em
Nike Dunk
2007-11-14 16:58:35

can you just enter the store in london without appointment, and buy a pair of the shelf. ??

2007-12-21 00:30:55

Yeah I've visited the store just after christmas and boy what a place.

With my favourite nike being Nike Free Running Shoes I was in Nike Heaven.

If you ever have the chance drop in you will not be disappointed
2008-03-08 13:54:35

I have chosen to buy Nike Backbag because I have bought one two years ago and I was very satisfied with the design, laptop protection and quality of the fabrics. So I order a new Nike BackBag from the NIKEid online store.

I chose the colors and so on, everything went smootly and finally I got it, and now I must say: "I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!"

The Bag is from awful quality, the colors don't mach the ones it shows on the screen in NikeiD order and don't even mach between parts of the bag that's supposed to have the same colors!! The notebook compartment is nice, but in the bottom of the BackBag simply there's NO cushioned fabrics!!!

Overall it's just a cheap BackBag that doesn't worth the money I payed for!!!

I will never buy NikeiD again, or even Nike for that matter!
carlos Gonzalez
2008-09-20 21:03:18

can you get air force ones or dunk sbs there?
2008-09-26 02:42:14

went there 2 weeksa go got an apointment there and then went up to the studio anddisingedmy dunks the lad who helpe me chose was safe and helpd me alot wellworth doing
2009-01-21 11:44:36

can you just enter the store in london without appointment, and buy a pair of the shelf. ??
2009-04-07 10:48:04

dunk sb shoes
2009-06-22 12:42:51

I was wondering, at this studio can you get pictures or drawings put onto your customised shoes???
2009-06-24 00:29:03

nike dunk
2009-06-27 15:57:59

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2009-07-25 07:45:43

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