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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 5 September 2007, 15:12    Permalink    Comments (13)

Cover of the redesigned AnOther Magazine which boasts a revamped identity and
new typographic language throughout

Many of our recent posts on magazines (Super Super, 032c et al) have suggested that there may be a sea change a-foot in the way many contemporary mags are designed and, indeed, in what their readers want from them. Sitting pretty comfortably enough away from the "ugly" side of the fence is the new-look AnOther Magazine; no stranger to high-fashion/art/design aesthetics itself, its redesign is part of an attempt to align AnOther specifically as a women’s fashion title. Its changes are, largely, typographic (including a new identity) and were brought in by creative director David James, art director Sara Hemming and design director Gareth Hague. If you like your magazines more elegant, you can rest easy – this is a day-glo-free zone.

All the editorial pages employ a new typographic treament: headline text is hollowed
out and features imagery from the same story within its shape

“We already design and art direct Another Man magazine,” says design director Hague, “so working on both magazines makes it easier for the editorial and photographic/design direction for the two titles to be developed in a more holistic and focused way.” The most obvious changes in the redesigned AnOther are typographic: the new headline type deriving from the main text typeface – “one basic skeleton which is applied in different ways,” Hague explains.


On the cover and feature pages photography from the particular story sits inside the hollowed out headline type, creating an integration between type and image. This relationship, says Hague, is “progressively getting more involved and decorative. The headline pages for the main fashion stories are the most exuberant versions of this idea”.

The opening page to a fashion spread, featuring a larger version of the hollowed
out headline type

Contents page featuring a series of stretched images: each is taken from a feature
in the issue and displayed in the order they appear

With all the recent talk of the disintegration of contents pages as functioning devices in modern magazines (we know, we should get out more) it’s interesting to note AnOther’s new take on theirs (above). Along with the contents listed as text, a compressed version of one image from each feature runs the length of the page in the order they appear, making for a dynamic, multi-coloured backdrop. Another lovely touch.

Not convinced?

Maybe you'll be more in agreement with the take on Search and Destroy's blog. Let us know what you think...

AnOther Magazine's redesign will be covered in our October issue, out in two weeks' time


i dont like how the copy hugs the image(s).
2007-09-05 20:31:32

Hard to say if this "New Style" is going to spread all over, personally it reminds me alot on 90ies, Brody´s typeface Blur and similar styles... So, its a fashionable appearence - fits to the magazine which its all about ...
2007-09-06 11:57:14

The new header sucks and is so dated - take it back to the 90's why don't you... this is a good example of how to deface a valued brand for arts sake, something all these hoity-toity, self indulging fashion glossys are quilty of. Same sh!t, different angle.
2007-09-06 12:50:05

I like the use of a celeb on the cover.
2007-09-06 13:08:34

Peter Saville. Waste Paintings.
2007-09-07 05:03:10

Yes, Waste Paintings. And that was a dodgy Mac treatment all those years ago.

The cover image looks like a bad Gap advert.

The headline pages look like the sort of thing Park Studio have been doing for ages for the High Street.

The logo/cover type is really crass! David James used to be good!

Now he a Hack.

Boom, boom.
Andrea Russell
2007-09-07 13:09:33

Well personally I like it. It may be seen as a 90s throwback, but I don't remember seeing to much of this style myself. Would everyone prefer it looked the same as every other pared down, corporate style magazine? Or how about going for the zine culture style? It's all been done and I see this as a fairly fresh and stylised look. I'm going to pick up a copy.
Steve O
2007-09-09 00:31:27

I think this fits neatly in with the rest of the new, ugly magazines littering newsstands. The logo and primary typeface is poorly drawn, the rounded edges created an eaten-away look that rivals the worst fonts in David Carson's ca. mid-90's arsenal.

That table of contents is very hard to read. the stretched images is a neat idea, poorly executed here.

I am not familiar with David James' work, however I certainly hope this is not his best effort.

There are plenty of praiseworthy magazine designs out there, IMHO: 2wice, Print, Baseline, Eye, Good, (the new look of) Wired...AnOther is not one of them, I'm afraid.
2007-09-11 16:32:37

I think it's one of the most eye catching covers i've seen this year. I find its cost somewhat prohibative, however this is the first edition I've though about purchasing in a long while, julianne moore looks stunning
Jess Kemp
2007-09-22 16:21:27

I think you guys are getting the terminology mixed up, because in reality, Another magazine is the "new ugly".

Meanwhile, there's a lot of people having a lot of fun in other places.
Pablo Picasso
2007-09-26 10:47:05

This looks like terd! it's that simple
Peter Hunoas
2007-10-09 22:21:35

I hate the new format, although the old one wasn't much better. The overall look, just looks well bland,and I wouldn't really have took a second look at it, when I passed it in Borders had it not been that I already was interested in its little brother AnotherMan, which has a far superior/unique look. Also the direction change is mistake, to aim it women, is bound fail - there are more interesting womens mags out there who cover the same ground. It would have been better to leave it as unisex magazine, some might argue with the publishing of AnotherMan, that it should be repositioned, but AnotherMan is specifically a mens fashion magazine, of which there are very few apart from GQ Style. Also AnotherMan has captive niche (as it tackles mens fashion with substantial more intelligence than GQ Style ever could), where Another is just firing at an already saturated marketplace. And as it does not stand out, or have particularly unique look, it is bound to dissappear into obscurity...
2007-11-08 04:52:34

Yeah, i find the typeface and mastheads very amatuerish and not at all on par with the excellent content they cover, which is a real waste. the look/style is all over the place and very distracting and dated. the stretched image idea is kinda cool but the result just looks awry and excecuted without consideration. how can the art director be called an art director?? man.
2009-03-01 04:03:54

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