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Posted by Creative Review, 27 September 2007, 17:05    Permalink    Comments (8)

Celebrate Water / Matt Willey & Giles Revell
Celebrate Water poster by Matt Willey & Giles Revell

Carrie Hodson-Walker, a recent graduate from the University of Lincoln, curated a non-profit social design initiative as part of the final year of her course. She invited several international designers and illustrators from across the world to donate poster designs on the theme, Celebrate Water. Eighteen designers responded and the posters were printed in a limited run in order to raise money for water charity, Just A Drop.

All the posters will soon be showcased and available to buy on site

Here are some of the resulting posters:

Celebrate Water / Rob Duncan
by Pentagram's Rob Duncan

Celebrate Water / Michael Deforge
by Canadian-based illustrator Michael DeForge

Celebrate Water / Leigh Brownsword
by former Pentagram designer Leigh Brownsword

Celebrate Water / John Downling
by John Dowling

gavindowney.jpgby Gavin Downey

Celebrate Water / Jon Burgerman
Jon Burgerman's poster

Celebrate Water / Brad Yendle
by Brad Yendle

Other contributors to the project are Luke Best, Billie Jean, Jeffrey Brown, Gaston Caba, Kerry Roper and Jack Daly of SUMO.

Posters printed by sponsor VgL Digital Print Solutions

The posters will also appear on


our Gavin Downey's poster isn't showing up
2007-09-27 22:02:04

should be fine now
CR Patrick Burgoyne
2007-09-27 22:11:33

Interestingly Melbourne's National Design Centre had a similar theme for this year's Australian Poster competition. You can check out the finalists here – unfortunately the images aren't huge.
Emperor Rudie
2007-09-28 02:18:45

a nation shrugs its shoulders
2007-09-28 12:13:48

You tell ’em, Rich.
2007-09-29 15:09:35

Great idea and initiative taken, well done Carrie.
I love the response received from Pentagram.
Kate Andrews
2007-09-30 22:44:29

I'm with Kate on this one. Rich should have the balls to post his comments on the Re-Bag Show post and give the graduate a chance. Dob should stop kissing his arse.
2007-10-09 12:20:08

2009-10-11 12:34:14

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