BBH: Finger Lickin’ KFC

Print campaign

48sht_sweetcornc_0.jpg - BBH: Finger Lickin’ KFC - 79

The strapline, Finger Lickin’ Good hasn’t been used by kfc for several years but it’s making a comeback in this striking new print campaign  from bbh. Each execution features an item from kfc’s menu rendered using the good ol’ method of hand and finger-printing. For example, prints of fingers form fries and finger tips of paint form individual pieces of sweetcorn on a cob. “We wanted to create a fresh graphic take on the long running Finger Lickin’ Good endline,” explain creative team Nick Kidney and Kevin Stark. “kfc is always eaten with your fingers, why not take that to the simplest of solutions; a campaign made up entirely of finger­prints. Full marks to the client for being brave enough not to feature token packshots of real food. The result, a clean poster campaign that sums up the spirit of kfc.”

Of course, the need for licking fingers after eating a KFC meal may be attributable to the greasy nature of deep fried food and so it only takes a short leap of imagination to think of the images in this campaign as being created with very greasy hands rather than paint. An association which might be deemed slightly unfortunate.


  • Ray

    I appreciate KFC have used/owned this tag line for a while, but, most junk is eaten with your fingers.

    I’m a big fan of BBH but the colour schemes are just too close to another super-sized junk food company.