Richard Learoyd

Twenty Two Photographs

rl_book027516_copy_1.jpg - Richard Learoyd - 78

This beautiful book documents the photographs from Richard Learoyd’s recent Inside A Camera show. To create the images, Learoyd turned a room into a giant camera obscura producing near life-size images on positive photographic paper. All the images, which range in size from 50 to 70 inches across and are 50 inches high, are one-offs: they were shot for the book in order to provide a record. “The book represents the show,” says sea’s Bryan Edmondson, who designed it. “The images are positioned on the page as they were on the walls in the show. We used gloss paper because the images themselves are ultra glossy. The grey of the cover matches a cool tone which runs through all the pictures. There’s really very little design, we just wanted to display the pictures.”

Design: SEA