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James Jarvis at NikeTown

Graphic Design

Posted by Mark Sinclair, 15 August 2008, 12:07    Permalink    Comments (1)

Jarvis Jarvis 1
James Jarvis' window display at NikeTown in London. Photo by his dad

Brightening up this decidedly gloomy summer is illustrator James Jarvis' new installation at NikeTown in London. A giant bird features in his window display for the Oxford Street store while, inside the foyer, there's also an eight-panel vinyl artwork with the same avian character donning his Nike Windrunner jacket (click through for pics)...

Jarvis Jarvis 2

Beanie Brownjohn at Make Stuff sculpted the figure in the window display and free posters relating to the designs may still be available from the store. You'll have to run like the wind to get one, mind.

Jarvis Jarvis 3

Jarvis Jarvis 4

Jarvis Jarvis 5

1 Comment

This is vinyl art work? It is so different? I would love the chance to get an up close look the concept looks great with the white on the glass. Vinyl?? Really??
Adirec Torytski
2009-08-28 12:40:40

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