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Grace Jones in Chocolate

Posted by Mark Sinclair, 10 December 2008, 13:42    Permalink    Comments (43)

Hurricane album inlay photography by Jonathan De Villiers

Image has always been an integral part of Grace Jones’ music career, her visual identity being almost as important as her voice. The artwork for her latest album, Hurricane, designed and art directed by Tom Hingston Studio, knowingly works the conceit of the popstar as visual commodity: in this case featuring life-size versions of Jones made out of chocolate. Here's how they did it...

Photographed by Jonathan De Villiers, the cover for Hurricane features a production line of chocolate Grace Jones heads with supporting imagery showing Jones inspecting a range of body parts at various stages of the manufacturing process.

Hurricane album inlay photography by Jonathan De Villiers

“The original idea was to produce a set of images of Grace being mass-produced but with her being in control of the actual process,” says Hingston. “The crux of the idea is that she has ownership of her identity. We looked at a range of manufacturing processes, from car makers to pottery factories, but there was something about her being made of chocolate that had [the right] connotations.”

Whilst scouting the Thorntons factory in Derbyshire as a potential location for a shoot, the chocolatiers suggested making up the moulds for each of the body parts (16 in all) and creating them there in the factory.

“It takes about 20 minutes for each mould to set,” says Hingston of the casting process, “and for the head there are just two small holes for the nostrils. But Grace was up for it and her participation was key to the idea. Of course, we were working with someone who’s used to being the muse or subject of such an unusual process.”

Indeed, this is a woman who was the face of La Beauté Sauvage, the surrealist ad for the Citroën CX in the 1980s. Being made into chocolate no doubt seems like a walk in the park.

Design and art direction: Tom Hingston Studio
Client: Wall of Sound
More at


Absolutely brilliant.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Jonathan De Villiers is AMAZING.
action man
2008-12-10 15:09:13

Just one other thing.
What did they do with the chocolate afterwards?
I suppose due to health and safety you can't eat it....?
action man
2008-12-10 17:06:53

"What did they do with the chocolate afterwards?"

Good question. I'm on it...
CR Mark Sinclair
2008-12-10 17:11:11

i think the idea is better than the final exectution. the cover is lame
2008-12-10 17:45:50

amazing! I love the way Grace thinks... this is an album cover that only she could think up!
2008-12-10 19:42:49

there's no obvious "health and safety" reason the chocolate wouldn't be fit for consumption, provided the molds and the chocolate were kept appropriately clean, as would be the production line.
2008-12-10 21:31:43

Agree with dadif - disappointing cover design, perhaps the inner images are better. Same thing with the Keane cover - nice idea, poor execution.
Hard Format
2008-12-10 21:41:20

Good idea, badly executed which is a shame, well not BADLY, but I don't think it sums up the glamour and eccentricity of Grace Jones. Sure, do it in a chocolate factory, but did it have to look like a chocolate factory in the middle of an industrial estate in Peterlee? How about slicking it up a bit — chrome up the machinery, instead of brown cardboard boxes how about gloss black packaging etc.

My (probably shite) two pence worth.
2008-12-11 11:53:29

Like Hard Format says, it's quite ironic that they generate such a good idea and then they forget what the job was really about - creating a stunning album cover to sell the album.

Hopefully they'll get a load of free PR...?
Martin Delin
2008-12-11 13:13:36

cool. chocolate world
Delicious Monster
2008-12-12 02:32:42

Some people just sit on their arses complaining that album covers are crap.
Go make one you dimwits.
Then we can all criticize your truly pathetic efforts.

As always, some people DO, most people watch.

Murti the Bing Man
2008-12-12 12:23:52

Hey Murtibing, aren't you missing the point? You don't have to be an album cover maker to be allowed to criticize an album cover. Everyone is audience - audience do not have to be qualified in order for their opinion to be valid. Otherwise, we'd have a lot of redundant film, literary and art critics wouldn't we? ;)
2008-12-12 12:47:49

Bought this CD a couple of weeks ago and love it. For some reason it made me go and buy a retrospective of Yello also, the following week.

The sound is just like rich chocolate (maybe that's why they thought of Thorntons) and it has a really deep late night feel - perfect turned up loud in the car after dark)
2008-12-12 14:45:53

Well, that is one way to boost your career. That's a very interesting approach. I'm sure making the mold wasn't fun. How did she breath?
Nikki -
2008-12-12 16:45:23

You can't say it's a weak cover other than in comparison with the inset photography. Truly, a wonderful piece of 'music design'. You can't accuse Hingston Studio for not going that extra mile. Top notch, thumbs up, woodolf the wed nothed waindeer.
honest joe
2008-12-12 22:30:04

Murtibing. If no one had an opinion, everything would be 'government issue standard'. Nothing would matter. People aren't saying how crap it is, they're offering constructive criticism, something you will have to get used to in your career. If what you're saying is just put something out there and not expect any criticism because what you've done is so good then that makes the designer/art director of the piece arrogant and narrow-minded, also unrealistic. Everyone has an opinion about everything, is that wrong? I'm sure Hingston would have expected all this, only for it to roll off his back, as is a mark of an experienced designer who's been there and done that.
2008-12-13 15:26:15

I'm going to have a go at this one... The album cover (I still refer to them as albums, regardless of the physical format) not what you are used to seeing about Grace Jones. You expect to see a close up of her face and lips (like the Bernstein compositions) or you are used to seeing her head cut-up, cut-out, and bolstered in iconclastic mysticism (like the JP Goude covers)...There is nothing wrong with that. Grace Jones though is ahead of the wave. Madonna used to be ahead of the wave, and lately she is following it. It's a great analogy. Jones will -make- the wave. This is 2008. I live in the United States, and I think some of the things we are going through can be seen by the world, and in some cases, are going on elsewhere. Look at the economy--it's falling apart. This isn't a time of glamour, and a lot of fluff--That album cover reflects that! She's in a FACTORY... and the factory isn't fab-glamourous. She no longer wants to work with large record companies--that's her own word. Her song "Corporate Cannibal" is about the destruction of everything at the hands of corporations--she wrote it almost 20 years ago and now that prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes. She has been out of the limelight for almost 20 years..and this album cover doesn't splash her in our face--but rather--it demonstrates a certain sublteness--a softer side of Grace--as exposed by "Williams Blood." Also, the inside photos show her in bright colored uniforms, with super bright white gloves (Remember those 1980's videos and styles??? Slave...Living My Life...Love is the drug?) The album is DIFFERENT--but as usual, it's APPROPRIATE. I can't wait to see what they do with the next one.

Mathew Russo
2008-12-13 17:34:51

i work at thorntons and was working on the day she came and i must admit it was amazing to see the chocolate parts of her body and also to see her in person she was so nice and down to earth will be a day to remember
2008-12-13 20:35:48

Comment deleted by moderator
2008-12-15 13:14:45

murtibing you are an idiot
2008-12-15 13:37:29

Amazing. She is lovely and delicious.
Marisol Medina
2008-12-16 01:33:24

What an excellent and intriguing idea...Grace Jones still has the capacity to hold us spell bound and talking.
2008-12-16 13:06:16

I know I would'nt Eat her.
2008-12-16 17:46:32

everybody's a critic. just enjoy it f'cryin out loud
2008-12-17 19:31:00

I'm going to agree wholeheartedly with Mathew Russo and also GSD (yes, your comment is shite). Chrome up the machinery????
The idea is strong and the execution is perfectly thought through.
I don't know who Jonathan Devilliers is, but there's a lot of young designers who'd benefit from a little more creative thought and a little less trawling through old design annuals, rescuing Roger Dean gatefolds from bargain bins and Googling to find out who did all those great airbrushed Bee Gees typographic covers to find "Cool" retro styles to copy.
As talented as he is, it would be sad to see the likes of Alex Trochut hailed as some kind of new light in cover art for stuff like the appalling Rolled Gold sleeve.
David Brown
2008-12-18 16:03:38

It looks like I don't know who Tom Hingston is either. Sorry. Comment still stands whoever did it.
David Brown
2008-12-18 16:06:08

My team and I are responsable for the lifecasts of Grace Jones she was able to breath through her the nostriles being left uncovered.
She was amazingley cool about the whole procedure and kept us all entertained.
We enjoyed her company, she can come again eny time.
Grace is an very special woman I found her very wise at the time having the same sense of play that only a child can enjoy
We were hoping for some of the chocolate but alas no, I hope it all went to good homes
John Schoonraad
2009-01-13 17:33:49

If she is sixty she is one of the first I think of a generation who will be still be so physically present and active into their sixties to this extent.
It's fantastic and why not, she has defied the fashion industry's ageism.
Also I was watching her last night and I realised if there weren't people like Grace there may never have been a Barak. You can call it butterfly effect but every black icon has helped chip away at the ignorance of racism over the years.
She was lovely last night, chocolate is perfect for her.
2009-01-28 13:08:47

I think not only its appearence good also its taste is to delicious yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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2010-01-19 17:29:18

I am shocked, why don't you make white people from white chocolate? What are you trying to proof that we Afro Americans can be confused with chocolate or that we can't eat it, cause we can bite our own fingers?
2010-03-26 07:15:00

A celebrity in chocolate is not a new idea … it’s been done before and will be again. Perhaps a Beyoncé in chocolate would have been a better idea?

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2010-06-21 14:45:00

Just plain creepy if you ask me.
2010-06-23 06:24:57

My team and I are responsable for the lifecasts of Grace Jones she was able to breath through her the nostriles being left uncovered.
Corllins University
2011-05-21 07:09:42

wow! That's really awesome!

I wish somebody made a chocolate sculpture for me on my birthday...
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2011-06-01 09:49:41

Marvelous !! this is what i called a master art piece. with delicious touch.
Dubai Property
2012-01-30 07:45:18

Grace is always brilliant! I'll be listening to her for the rest of the day.

Oh, and Eddy (2010-03-26 07:15:00) the race card is not appropriate.
2012-01-30 10:47:40

I want one. This made my day :)
Igor Yusufov
2012-10-02 15:08:33

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