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Pop-up Art Store In Soho? It Must Be Christmas!

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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 5 December 2008, 17:42    Permalink    Comments (12)

Graphic art lovers, ahoy! There's a new pop-up store in town and it's called KIN. The shop is situated just off London's Carnaby Street in Kingly Court and is set up like a gallery, full of affordable graphic art, sculpture, clothing, homewares and assorted ephemera, created by a host of illustrators, designers and printmakers such as Swifty, Rose Stallard of Print Club, Si Scott, Steven Wilson, RYCA, PhlAsh (Phil Ashcroft) and many more...

The gallery/shop space is the fruition of a collaboration between London design agency Start Creative, art collective Scrawl, design consultancy JudgeGill and illustration agency Breed, and as well as a place to find some great gift ideas in the run up to Christmas, KIN will also be hosting a number of events that will include live art activity, light and sound installations, book launches (Scrawl head honcho, Ric Blackshaw and writer Liz Farrelly launch their new book, Street Art: In The Artists' Own Words next Thursday) and even charitable auctions.

Exhibiting artists include David Walker, Hampus Ericstam, Mr Jago, Nick Purser, Swifty, Phlash (Phil Ashcroft), Rose Stallard, Steven Wilson, RYCA, Sam Green, She One, Steff Plaetz, Valerio, Will Ainley, Will Barras, Danny Sangra, Hutch, Myne, Revenge is Sweet, Si Scott, Paula Castro, Rabbitman and Asa Lucander.

Here are some pieces of work that caught our eye at the launch party last night:

Han Double, by RYCA. Signed silkscreen print 767mm x 570mm in an edition of 200. £65

Sumo Wrestler by Sam Green. Signed silkscreen print, 297mm x 420mm in an edition of 150. £30

Radio 2 by Rose Stallard. Not sure of the dimensions but it costs £90

War, by Danny Sangra. Signed silkscreen print 420mm x594mm, in an edition of 140. £25

Minimal Yeti (negative version) by PhlAsh. Signed silkscreen print, 650mm x 500mm, in an edition of 50. £100

KIN is open from today through December and is being run by Ric Blackshaw of Scrawl.
Contact: Email: / Phone : 020 7269 0192/0193
Find the store here:
KIN, Unit 1.12, First Floor, Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London W1


Wow, looks fantastic, will definitely be popping in.
2008-12-05 18:01:34

why would anyone want anything with mark lamarrs name on it?
2008-12-05 18:17:31

Sam Green's stuff is legendary.
Andy de Vries
2008-12-05 21:21:56

Oh, how I love pop art... Minimal Yeti and Han Double are exceptional
2008-12-06 18:59:31

mmmm ... this looks wicked, will have to pop down at lunch!
Ben Hanbury
2008-12-08 13:11:23

I really like the designs on the wall, I am going to try and get down to have a proper looks myself. I could have harrison on my wall!
2008-12-08 14:52:33

Wow.... I love the Han Double Silkscreen print. Definitely a classic.
2008-12-09 07:25:33

Just went in to have a look - lots of nice stuff, and reasonably priced - well worth a visit.
2008-12-09 15:08:27

wow does look pretty neat, so glad i found this before christmas! expecially if it is affordable!
cai griffith
2008-12-12 03:56:11

ooh ive been looking for some pop art to go in my new home!!
Sarah Russel
2009-04-07 15:00:42
Just as good, just as affordable....
Billy G
2013-02-05 13:36:00

@Billy G
Are you honestly trying to compare the taking of obvious, over used, iconography such as the rolling stones lips, bruce lee or scarface (mass produced and with no regard to copyright) to original artworks produced in limited runs by artists?

Thought you were....
2013-02-05 14:35:43

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