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Design Museum's Designs of the Year Shortlist Revealed

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Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 14 January 2008, 18:12    Permalink    Comments (13)


More information is slowly leaking out about the Design Museum's Designs of the Year show - we now have the complete Graphics shortlist

As mentioned previously, Creative Review has two projects in the show, our Monograph on Daniel Mason's print archive



And the sticker that Peter Saville created for our February 07 issue

Joining them in the exhibition will be:

Varoom Magazine (Non-Format for the Association of Illustrators)

Greta Family Typeface (Peter Bilak for Typotheque)

Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions (various designers, Candide by Chris Ware shown)

Unrest exhibition (Jonathan Ellery at The Wapping Project and featured in CR March 07)

Nassim Latin & Arabic script typeface (Titus Nemeth)

Manuela Pfrunder's Swiss Banknote design (A curious choice as it was actually just a competition entry, and only a second prize at that. When the winners of its contest to design new banknotes were announced last February, the Swiss National Bank was at pains to point out that it wasn't obliged to use any of them on real notes - not even the winner )

Your House (Olafur Eliasson)

The Butt Book (Jop Van Bennekom)

Kate Moss brand logo for Topshop (Peter Saville and typography by Paul Barnes)

The Grand Tour for The National Gallery (The Partners)

Helvetica: A Documentary Film (Gary Hustwit)

Museum fur Gestaltung – Zurich exhibition poster series (various, poster for This Side Up - Konstantin Grcic: Siebdruck, by Bonbon shown)

Designersblock: Illustrate (Design/art direction: Hawaii)

Identity for Performa 07, New York (APFEL


Over the summer the Design Museum contacted a broad range of practitioners and critics in the the fields of architecture, furniture, graphics, product, transport, fashion and interactive design (including me) to nominate "exemplary projects within contemporary design". As far as I remember, the letter, which came from the DM director, Deyan Sudjic, placed no limit on the geographic location of nominations, we were just asked for outstanding work from 2007. These nominations then formed the basis for a shortlist of work that will be exhibited at the Museum from 13 February to 27 April, during which time an award ceremony will also take place, announcing winners in various categories as well as an overall winner (no details yet as to what those categories are or how winners will be chosen). The exhibition will occupy the entire second floor of the museum showcasing over 100 projects across the disciplines.

As previously mentioned, other work confirmed for the show includes Cartlidge Levene's new wayfaring system for Selfridges (shown below and to be featured in the February issue of CR), Jeremy Leslie's magCulture magazine design blog and Sao Paulo's Clean City laws (covered in CR June 07) under which outdoor advertising was banned from the city.

It's a strong shortlist and a quirky one. The latter is no doubt due to the selection process and the lack of an entry fee. It'll be interesting to compare the Design Museum's selection with the winners of D&AD, the work selected for the CR Annual and all the other design awards coming up. As for predictions of the winner, in terms of impact and ambition, Helvetica is going to be hard to beat...


Isn't the 'Butt' book a little bit old?
It's really, like SO 2006.
2008-01-15 14:29:20

...and I have o say. I know Mr. Saville is a fantastic art director. But ... a 'sticker'.... surely there's some other work out there that really deserves to be a little more appreciated... than a sticker.... What about the Amnesty 'Protect the Human' work?.
Or Tony Blairs stationary?...
2008-01-15 14:40:32

In my opinion, Peter Saville's sticker deserves to be part of the Design Museum's exhibition. His work encompasses the concept of what I think means British to me. Endowed with sense of humour, stolid and direct.
2008-01-15 16:07:41

Interesting point Mel.
But when we take a little more time, and a closer look. There really must be an extraordinary amount of 'British' design that was produced last year that would benefit from having the exposure and recognition. Or?

I feel the Jury could have made a little more of an effort to seek out some more varied work and give thanks to one or two of the thousands of projects that were produced in 2007... maybe from the smaller studios that can't afford to pay for entering their work into other award schemes.. and have produced truly invigorating and thought productive projects.

I mean honestly ... a film about the Helvetica typeface ..... ?
A typeface used as logotype that was re-drawn VERY acutely... ?

And it's not even confined to 'British' design! my god, you could almost break out into a sweat when you think of the amount of amazing work that was created throughout Europe last year and won't make it into the D&AD ADC CR BLAHBLAH ect ect
2008-01-15 16:52:20

Chocks away again and jump on the visual bandwagon Design Museum, this is bollocks. That sticker degrades British Graphic design in 2007, if I'd done it you wouldn't have batted a hooker's mascara-rich eyelid.
Nick Clem
2008-01-15 20:34:24

That sticker degrades British Graphic design in 2007, if I’d done it you wouldn’t have batted a hooker’s mascara-rich eyelid.

Posted by Nick Clem on 15/01/08, 8:34 pm

Hahaha, here here Nick! I feel the same about the Kate Moss logo, are they two projects that show British design at it's best?, hardly IMO, more about who than what!
2008-01-17 15:03:18

yep...i'm very unimpressed with some of the entries in this.
2008-01-18 22:47:25

Nick Clem's comments sum up my opinion on the Kate Moss logo exactly. I can't help but get the impression that this design has been elevated purely by Peter Saville's status and avante-garde reputation which he acquired some twenty-odd years ago. In response to full brief, if I had produced this and presented it to my creative directors I think the overall sentiment would have been something along the lines of - 'erm...keep going.' It wouldn't have seen the light of day let alone receive all the acclaim and coverage it's had, if it had made it past the usual decision making hurdles.
Graeme Stepehenson
2008-01-20 11:44:15

Wow, if that is the cream of the crop, maybe I'm too hard on myself...
Steve Ranford
2008-01-21 11:44:06

On a more positive note, the piece by The Partners is pure genius though.
Encompasses exactly what I look for in contemporary graphic design
a superb idea, beautifully executed.
Chris Jackson
2008-01-21 18:31:48

I love the Kate Moss logo. -Wolff Olins, baloney 'n cheese sandwiches, fluorescent colors, and racetrack bathrooms
Karl Malone
2008-01-22 03:44:27

The Penguin Classic Deluxe series originated in the US - a collaboration between Helen Yentus and Paul Buckley at Penguin in New York. Penguin UK simply picked up the series for the UK market ...does this count as UK design??? I'm not so sure it does.
Jillian Goldstein
2008-02-13 17:17:15

"Penguin UK simply picked up the series for the UK market …does this count as UK design??? I’m not so sure it does."

The nominations are not restricted to the UK, it's international
CR Patrick Burgoyne
2008-02-13 17:25:47

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