SEA: Mohawk Paper promo

The US paper brand is announcing its entry to the UK market with some beautiful imagery

sea_rose_3_0.jpg - SEA: Mohawk Paper promo - 261

In its US homeland, Mohawk paper has had a long-term relationship with Pentagram’s Michael Bierut, producing all manner of elegant promotional items. London design studio SEA is handling the UK market, through Mohawk’s distributor, GF Smith.

This mailer for the brand plays on its environmental credentials. It features a series of images of roses, shot by Lee Funnell. “Roses are the national flower of both England and  the USA and make for powerful images that capture the beauty and fragility of nature,” says sea of its choice of image. “There are over 10,000 varieties in the world, by reducing emissions we can help keep it that way.”

The book comes in a slipcase featuring an embossed version of one of the flower images.


  • Looks great. Really simple, clever and refreshing. Top job Bryan.