Dentsu/Simone Inc.: Uniqlo Try website

Dentsu and Simone Inc. in Japan have created this latest nifty website for clothing brand, Uniqlo

uniqlo_try01c_0.jpg - Dentsu/Simone Inc.: Uniqlo Try website - 114

The Try website aims to allow Uniqlo customers to express opinions on individual products. For now the only piece of clothing under discussion is a new bra top, but the site contains a total of 343 users commenting on the item, arguably giving more information than you might ever need.

As we’ve come to expect from Uniqlo, the site is beautifully designed, and fun can be had in clicking the screen to make the boxes of people swirl around in pretty geometric patterns. By clicking on a particular person, a video appears of them making a statement on the product, alongside various stats on the person, including age, height, bra size, and, slightly bizarrely, blood type.

Ad agency: Dentsu Inc. 
Creative agency: Simone Inc.