Fuel: Crime book

Fuel Design is about to publish a new book on the seedier side of life. Crime, by author and documentary maker Alix Lambert, is billed as a series of “extraordinary interviews exposing the world of Crime – Real and Imagined”

crime_cover_pdf_c_0.jpg - Fuel: Crime book - 97

Lambert talked to a range of authors, actors, detectives, even murderers, in her investigation into the true nature of criminal acts.

“We’ve always been interested in the crime novels of Chandler, Hammett and Cain and wanted to design a fuel incarnation of those works,” says fuel’s Damon Murray of the book’s design. “The elements for the cover were taken from half-remem­bered 50s and 60s crime novels and films and then constructed into a ‘scene’. We bought a replica gun and then photo­graphed several scenarios before settling on ‘the lady in the gutter’.

“We made the cover illustration using a scraperboard to give it a hand-drawn feel and immediacy,” he continues. “Inside, we chose a stock close to the ‘pulp’ of the early crime novels. For typefaces we looked at newspapers from the 1940s and 50s, like the LA Times. [Quotes are set in Geometric; body copy in Baskerville]. Overall, we wanted to make an object that was seductive in a hard-boiled way.”

Published by Fuel; £22.95. A special edition of 100 copies available in a clamshell box are £150 each.