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Stag Scaffolding Sculpture

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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 21 May 2008, 13:27    Permalink    Comments (4)

Stag scaffold
Stag Scaffolding Sculpture by Ben Long at Oakmayne building site, Elephant Road, London SE17 1LB

Standing at a height of 35ft, in a dormant building site in south London, is artist Ben Long's latest creation made entirely from conventional scaffolding components. Stag is part of an ongoing multi-disciplinary project, Great Travelling Art Exhibition, which also includes Long's finger-drawings made in the dirt on the rear shutters of haulage trucks.

Stag scaffold2
The Monarch of the Glen stands pround and surveys... er, Elephant & Castle actually

"Scaffolding is a simple yet versatile system, similar in some ways to Lego or Meccano but obviously on a much larger architectural scale," says Long. "When I started the project in 2004 I acquired a modest 'kit', which has since gone on to form the basis of each subsequent sculpture. When the Stag is eventually dismantled the parts will be transported to a new venue and another permutation will be attempted. This constant evolution of sculpture ensures that many people get to see my work first-hand, the artworks remain integral to the building environment and I continue to improve my skills as a Scaffolding Sculptor."

Stag will remain at the heart of the city's Elephant & Castle regeneration zone until July 2008. Long is also hosting series of guided tours of the site on the following Saturdays at 11am: May 31; June 7; June 14; and June 31.

To book, or for more details on Long's work, call the Man&Eve Gallery on +44 (0)20 7582 7861 or email

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Got to love that
2008-05-21 22:58:45

This is the first time i found a good blog about scaffolding. Thanks.
oguzhan scaffolding
2008-11-08 23:53:50

Who owns the rights to the picture of the scaffolding deer?
2010-02-22 13:14:56

scaffolding can look this good, never imagined! though it looks simple proper enginnering basics must have applied into keep the shape of the deer intact, brilliant job!
2015-06-23 11:35:00

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