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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 27 November 2008, 17:58    Permalink    Comments (2)

In an apparent nod to the once verdant edges of old London town, fashion accessories boutique Hermès has planted several silver birch trees around its flagship store on New Bond Street. Silver Forest #36 is a Christmas installation by architects DSDHA and Hermès' Rebecca Cocks that references an early eighteenth century boundary that once marked the city from the surrounding forests, where the shop now stands.

18 silver trees have been erected on the pavements surrounding the Hermès store while a further 18 stand in the windows and in the ground floor of the shop.

And as if this wasn't Christmassy enough – the sounds of birds and galloping horses can be discerned if passersby stop to peruse the work (Hermès originally started out in 1837 as a master harness and saddle maker, apparently).

Silver Forest #36 is at Hermès, 155 New Bond Street, London W1. See for more window displays from around the world.

All photography by Andrew Meredith.


What a nice extension to the idea of window display..
The trees could have been a tichy bitchy bit taller... but it's nice.
Fantastic brand that too.
action man
2008-11-27 18:15:24

What a different design whom ever came up with the idea it was just brilliant
BMS Group
2008-11-28 10:09:28

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