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Pepsi To Leave 'Em Laughing

Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 15 October 2008, 17:42    Permalink    Comments (41)


Pepsi is redesigning its globe logo. According to Ad Age "A 'smile' will characterise brand Pepsi, while a 'grin' is used for Diet Pepsi and a 'laugh' is used for Pepsi Max." Yikes.

We've only got the one above to go on right now so perhaps we're jumping the gun here but it all seems a bit (forgive the pun) laughable. Last year, Coca-Cola seemed to herald a new era of common sense with its redesign led by Turner Duckworth.


Pepsi, meanwhile, seems far less sure of itself. It's going to spend $1.2 billion over three years to change everything about its brands – "How they look, how they're packaged, how they will be merchandised on the shelves, and how they connect with consumers" - which will be done by the Arnell Group.

Pepsi Chairman-CEO Indra Nooyi came out with this wonderful piece of brandspeak in relation to the difficulties that have led to the rebrand: "It's clear this business is not performing where we would like it to be, in large part because the economic slowdown continues to pressure the North American liquid refreshment beverage category." That's "fizzy drinks" to you and me.

Also, Mountain Dew will be rebranded as Mtn Dew – well those kids just love the texting don't they?


Is that seriously the new logo, or is this another one of your little jokes? It looks like a whale with a really bad nosebleed.

Or maybe the sun being eclipsed by a Pringle.
2008-10-15 17:51:40

Is that supposed to be a smile? Maybe my eyes are tired today but it just looks like someone nudged the mac operators arm and no one spotted!
Richard Michie
2008-10-15 17:52:00

Looks a bit like a marble...
Alistair Hall
2008-10-15 17:52:05

a smile, a grin, and a laugh? - i guess the FDA could considered that a warning; fair enough
2008-10-15 18:14:07

At first I thought this was a joke, but I read the Ad Age article and it seems for real. Also, I've seen a couple of job posts from Arnell Group so it makes sense now.

I don't mind the logo being modular, with the while stripe changing for the different sub-brands. Variations on a theme is always a suitable approach, but calling it "smile", "grin", and "laugh" is of course absurd.

We will watch this one with great interest — I have the feeling it will either be tremendous in it's freshness or a complete wooden spoon.
Prescott Perez-Fox
2008-10-15 18:31:11

Seriously? Even as a big big big Pepsi drinker, even I knew that the (old) globe logo was the only credible element remaining in their brand, and now they're going and ruining that as well.

Pepsi - drop the ridiculous celebrity whoring, and lame American humour commercials; drop the stupid branding and take Coke's lead in returning to your 80s era cans; and leave the bloody globe alone.
2008-10-16 07:57:20

Let's see what the rest of the redesign will look like. Right now the new logo looks like a bad accident in Illustrator.
Thorsten Schmidt
2008-10-16 08:50:40

It's almost as if they read CR's little blog piece and wanted to create a joke of their own.

It hurts.
2008-10-16 09:32:50

That'll win me over for sure, I just love names you can not pronounce, probably they should do the same for PPS, CCCL, MCDNLDS, BRGRKNG, et al
2008-10-16 11:53:30

Just when I thought it not possible to hoodwink a client into advertising bullsh!t a global corporation proves me wrong. I thought our era was about transparency and honest brand values?
2008-10-16 13:17:58

Good grief, someone really is good at persuading clients to part with large wads of hard earned cash aren't they? Firstly, at least it keeps us stocked up with pens I supposed, but secondly, could whoever was responsible for selling ice to the eskimo's please give me a ring, I have a problem getting through a couple of real ideas... I feel their talents are wasted!
2008-10-16 13:25:10

Sorry Pepsi but Coca Cola are always going to be the heavy hitters. The recent redesign of the Coke can is amazing – amazing design and amazing that the client had the guts to go with an ultra stripped back version of the Coke brand elements. First class!
2008-10-16 13:25:36

hmmm, this for real?
louai alasfahani
2008-10-16 13:27:47

Indra Nooyi
2008-10-16 13:36:00

What the **** is this all about?
2008-10-16 14:11:08

It's ridiculous.

As Nathan points out the globe is the only credible thing Pepsi have going. I can't believe that Pepsi have been led to believe that the best way to rejuvenate their brand is to tinker with that.

Its one thing to add a touch of gloss, bit of drop shadow, some branding waffle but to alter the iconic logo itself is crazy, especially at the tune of $1.2 billion. I presume that Pepsi are unaware of the current economic meltdown.
2008-10-16 14:43:34

When people see this they're just going to think someone bumped into the printer one day at the Pepsi factory and nobody noticed.
2008-10-16 15:07:11

enough of this logo redesign bullshit... back to work you'all
2008-10-16 15:26:14

Looks to me like the time are "a-chaingin". The old logo seems to bee heading towards the right (conservatism) while the new logo id heading left or SOCIALIASM!
Does the bode ill for McCain?
2008-10-16 15:50:58

The Doctor
2008-10-16 16:26:00

It looks alright, as long as it's backed up by strong branding it should be accepted.

Confusing the super brand with 3 logos could be a minefield!
2008-10-16 16:31:46

After the 2012 olympic logo and the creative review logo spoof last week, I can't tell anymore when someone is taking the piss or being deadly serious.
2008-10-16 16:45:05

For the past 20 years it's been the swoosh, now it's the unraveling sphere. When will designers realize the logo should have something to do with the product or service. I think I'll become a plumber. "Joe the plumber" sounds like a good name.

Bob C
Bob Callahan
2008-10-16 19:09:13

What they should have done -
2008-10-16 19:10:43

When did communicating become blunt?

Are we as a species being reduce to only grunts?

Why are there soooo many wanna be designers? And do they all come from the same 'skool of dzgn'?


2008-10-19 19:17:47

Maybe that's the effect of too much softdrinks. - smile, grin then laugh... lol
Rongen of
2008-10-20 08:28:33

I do not think following Coca Cola's strategy is a good idea, Pepsi must find their own direction.
I can see this working on the shelf, they need some rebranding to freshen up their image.
2008-10-20 12:58:06

Please forgive me, Im about to do something REALLY REALLy crazy


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andre Peathey-Johns
2008-10-22 12:21:49

From Brand New / Under Consideration:

"David, aka "Logo Fiend" has dug around United States Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) and found the registered work for the new Pepsi, Mtn Dew and Gatorade work..."
2008-10-23 17:43:20

I truly like the logo system and re-branding that Arnell Group is working on for Pepsi. It seems the new look is trying to be more youthful, and less traditional in comparison to Coke. Which gives Pepsi a good point of separation.

The new look is definitely more appealing, but could be slightly confusing to customers. The three logo system should be a fun sign off on the caps rather than altering the logo per bottle. The smile, grin, laugh idea is not going to be as literal as Pepsi thinks. It would really work effectively in a motion graphics lockup, but not so much in print.

We all could go on and on about this, truth is its probably going to happen.
Ryan Doggendorf
2008-10-27 01:27:04

Lets just go back to 1971s logo.
Little Fury
2008-10-28 17:11:55

YUCK!!! :(
horrible redesign. too futuristic in a, 1998 trying to be futuristic kinda way. messing with the logo itself is the stupidest thing ive ever heard of!!! i have to say i agree with those who have said they wish pepsi would go back to a logo (or one similar) to one from the 70s or 80s. clean, classic, simple and familiar. i havent been a big fan of pepsi's designs lately, but this one really takes the cake on being horrible. huge mistake. and spending all this money to rebrand and update everything in the middle of a recession? stupid. especially since it sounds like 98% of the people who have seen the new logo hate it, and in my case, its honestly turning me off from the idea of a nice cold pepsi :(
and they cannot be serious.... MTN DEW? i myself am 25 years old, and a big "texting" fan, but this is just LAME. laughable, and lame. is this supposed to make mountain dew cooler or something? cause um, trust me... it wont. lol.
2008-12-05 08:21:16

I think this is all part of a huge design conspiracy. You see, they are purposely making it look like a big steamin pile of hork in order to go back to "pepsi classic" in a few years time. By then it will look like a radical change. I'm not sure what that accomplishes though. Their ad budget would be better spent on improving the taste.
2009-01-03 11:20:56

that smile looks like the Teenage mutant ninja turtle's toys mouth. yeah the old ones. sucks badass, sucks so much. i dont even like the new type have u seen it? wtf?.
2009-01-04 23:06:44

ahhh finally ive got it, i know where ive seen that "smile". remember that ad from nike with tiger woods on it??? well there you go...
2009-01-04 23:10:05

a lot of haters..and people trying to be funny...I think it looks great. something very 70's (not good 70's) about the previous logo and it needed some style. Looks clean and modern.
Bill K.
2009-01-06 19:17:35

looks so ugly to me- like someone doesn't know how to use the pen tool in adobe illustrator. i seriously can't believe they did this :-0
2009-02-10 00:59:37

And Coca-Cola f*cking prevails after all these centuries. :) (I DRINK COKE. DISREGARD THAT)
P-Easy K-Shizzeh [PenaltyKillah]
2009-05-26 02:55:10

yeh come on pepsi go back to the 80s logo white can for some reason even now, it makes it stand out from the rest , pepsi is better then coco cola, but your making them look good by keep changing,
2009-09-27 16:28:07

Photo manipulation is as old as photography itself, contrary to the idea of a photo having inherent verisimilitude. Though not obviously visible to human eyes, image manipulation can be detected by some sophisticated tools, like Photoshopped Image Killer. Which tells you whether your image has been Photoshopped given the image or the image's URL.
2011-04-28 00:21:19

to top it all the b***Sh** they have comeup to explain how this new logo was created. They have even maligned the golden ratio to substantiate this awful/comical redesign.
2012-02-25 16:25:55

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