A2/SW/HK: Faber Beckett covers

As part of its 80th anniversary celebrations, Faber & Faber is publishing an extensive series of Samuel Beckett’s work, including 18 novels, plays and short stories that will appear over the next two years

beckett_0.jpg - A2/SW/HK: Faber Beckett covers - 162

The typographic covers for the series have been designed by London-based studio, a2/sw/hk. Each features a custom-made type treatment and uses a bespoke cover font that comes in four weights, while the book’s title runs vertically to allow for the use of large point sizes. Parts of the titles bleed off the edges to add “tension” to the design, according to a2.

“A neutral grey background was selected as a counterpoint to the special Pantone colours chosen for each of the 18 titles,” explains a2’s Scott Williams. “This choice is, in part, a playful reference to Beckett’s directive that his gravestone be ‘any colour, so long as it’s grey’.”

The first five volumes in the series are set to be published in May by Faber & Faber.


  • David Moore

    Considering the bold, stark type used for the text in Calder’s originals…..it would be nice to see examples of whether or not the same type had been employed here by Faber.