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Meet Hopper, Fingers and Bernie...

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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 9 April 2009, 14:20    Permalink    Comments (2)

Working on a brief to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Levi’s Engineered (twisted) Jeans, London-based design studio Neighbour commissioned Wilfrid Wood to create three “slightly twisted” characters. Named Fingers, Hopper (shown above) and Bernie, the characters will form the basis of a new campaign entitled The Twisted Originals set to run through this year...

Models of the characters, 30cm tall, will appear in stores along with larger scale images and cutouts for window displays. A set of two metre-tall versions of the characters will also tour UK stores later in the year with a small production run of boxed, collectible versions also planned.


“The characters, as with the rest of the campaign, are a celebration of all things twisted,” says Neighbour’s Dave Oscroft. “They each wear a different fit of Levi’s Engineered Jeans, with the minute details meticulously sculpted and painted by Wilfrid Wood,” he continues.


As well as Wood’s contribution to the campaign, Neighbour is collaborating with ModArt magazine who will curate a Twisted Art section on a special campaign blog called which launched at the end of March.

Stage one of the modelling process...

Stage two...

Yep, ready to roll into production!


Wicked! They look ace they do
2009-04-09 15:25:05

Smells like Howies... Dough Boy... is it me? Feels like we've been here before.

Just saying... hold the hate mail.
MR Design
2009-04-14 21:42:49

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