Nirvana Solutions: Process samples

Creative productions house Nirvana Solutions has commissioned a series of a5 material and process samples from 12 leading designers which it will mail to potential clients each month

woodrgb_0.jpg - Nirvana Solutions: Process samples - 60

The idea is to create pieces of work showing off the range of techniques and media available from the firm. “Our reasoning was that as graphic design is constantly being attacked by digital offerings, these samples might set a standard as points of reference so designers and brands can view them, rather than just hearing or reading about exciting techniques and substrates,” says Nirvana’s Spencer Wallace.

Nirvana sent a grid to its chosen designers so that each could pick a particular material to work with, to a standard size each time. The first release, designed by Matt Busher of Mandatory Thinking for the Young Creative Network, is piece of laser-etched wood that, when the pattern is angled correctly, reads “Oh, that’s quite nice.” Just completed is the second in the series, a sheet of acid-etched metal, designed by Established & Sons’ Alexander Taylor, which can be folded into a domino, complete with a screenprinted inner.

“There’s also an environmental insight into each one, with the appropriate new recycle codes on the reverse each time,” adds Wallace. Each run will be limited to 150 editions.

“We hope the samples encourage people to step back into using new and sometimes long-forgotten techniques all over again, but with extra gusto,” says Wallace.