Words To Work By Poster Project

We just received a roll of six typographic posters sent to us from ad agency Publicis Mojo in Sydney. But these aren’t ads. Instead, Mojo creative director Micah Walker tells us the poster project, entitled Words To Work By, is the first of a series of self-initiated projects that will see the agency link up and work with various different artists and designers…

We just received a roll of six typographic posters sent to us from ad agency Publicis Mojo in Sydney. But these aren’t ads. Instead, Mojo creative director Micah Walker tells us the poster project, entitled Words To Work By, is the first of a series of self-initiated projects that will see the agency link up and work with various different artists and designers…

“The set of six posters, are designed as resolutions, and poke fun at some of the clichés we all come across in the industry,” explains Walker. “They’re a limited edition print run of 100, some as lithographs and some as screen prints. We sent them out to friends, clients and colleagues, as a crafted hello more than anything else. Luca Ionescu, from Like Minded Studio, worked closely with us to bring the lines to life in a way that felt appropriate and fresh. It’s all just part of us trying to keep a constant spirit of creative productivity. It’s nice to not only do ads all the time,” he adds.

Words To Work By credits:

Creative director: Micah Walker.
Art director: Mojo Sydney
Copywriter: Mojo Sydney
Designer: Luca Ionescu, Like Minded Studio
Finished artist: Kath Mukerjee.
Art buyer: Alison Dunlop.
Print producer: Oscar Birkin.
Printer: Warren Isaacs, Wombat Grafx

  • rebecca

    I like the last one best…

  • http://twitter.com/chrisfizik ChrisFizik

    ha! these are pretty funny! and nice looking

  • elstob

    Shame one of the rules wasn’t “I will come up with an original way of displaying my work and not resort to cliché”.

  • http://www.mazed.de matt

    great design and concept. i had a good laugh over these.

  • http://www.pixesale.com Framedink

    I doubt putting statements of what we are thinking as designers down onto paper is anything original but I feel as designers who sit doing design to brief on a daily basis that sometimes we need to put our creative thoughts down onto paper in this way (with artists they may paint these thoughts) but I suppose as designers we often paint with words!

    I like this stuff for its typographical style but I tend to agree with Elstob, The presentation, context and format into which it is presented is pretty cliched! I’ve seen loads of this stuff it’s nothing new!



    Check out Luca’s Skull much better than Hurst’s!

  • Sean Thomas

    Are we allowed to voice our displeasure all these self-initiated design projects yet?

    Everyday on fffound, there are about 20 of these kind of jobs; “Do something ‘ker-azy’ today!’ / ‘RANDOM QUOTE ABOUT SOMETHING DESIGNERS WILL GET AND NO-ONE ELSE WILL’ / ‘Someone replacing an animal with an AT-AT to create HILARIOUS consequences’ / etc

    It seems right now that design is locked in a never ending cycle of these kind of jobs, ads ripping off Youtube or flash mobbing, posters using hand drawn type, packaging trying to look ‘green’ and TV spots filmed using cine film against a sunshine soaked 70’s tune or, even worse, an ironic folk version of a pop song.

    God. I’m bored with it all.

    And CR – I expect better of you guys…

  • http://www.akastudio.net AKA

    Is moaning about the cliché of holding up posters a cliché itself yet?

    Luca’s type work is inspiring.

  • http://www.whiteinkblog.com Youssef Sarhan
  • Moeed


    Where can I get some of those? I’ve got my card in my hand!

  • http://www.stmjr.com scott

    The last one is my favorite

  • http://www.pixesale.com Framedink

    Ha ha I think Youssef Sarhan’s link sums up what we mean by it being cliched !

    AKA maybe your missing my point I’m in no way dissing the Typography I’m just commenting on what I see, as Sean Thomas says in his comments if you look around the web at good creative upload sites like FFFound this is nothing new, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it, I’m just expressing an opinion on the idea and concept. All ideas are borrowed or influenced.

  • http://www.creativeliverpool.co.uk CL3

    It has got to be the ‘Banksy’ one for me!

  • Rogier

    I will not present a new poster by simply holding it in front of me.

  • Hard Candy

    Detestably smug and ageist.

    This is why people hate designers.

  • swelephant

    hahaha i was going to say something meaningful until “hard Candy” stole the show. detestable and smug is the tone of your own comment, fantastic effort.

    actually i really like the last one…whoops

  • http://www.planetperki.co.uk David Perkins

    i get all kinds of stories about what they were doing when i was being born, primary school, high school etc… when i was 11 is just another reason to tell me about it ‘being better back in the day’ ! 😀

    its even funnier when i explain that i had just started high school when the millennium hit!! 😀

  • http://www.deathbeforedishonour.co.uk/shop/shop.php?dept=t-shirt DB4D

    Excellent…love them all

  • http://www.pictureframing1.com Roy Richards

    They are all really exciting and unique prints,But they would all look much much better Framed up.

  • http://beautifulpaper.typepad.com nole @ oh so beautiful paper

    The one about interns is just too funny – I can think of a bunch of people who need to adopt that resolution!

  • http://www.alwoodscreativemedia.blogspot.com Al

    Keep calm and try harder.

  • Hieronymus Bosch

    I think it’s funny how upset some of the people are getting about these posters. I always find it funny when someone throws out a negative comment about artwork, yet doesn’t have the “brass ones” to show us their “Uber Genius” work. Pleaaaaasssseeee, It’s graphic design you pretentious boobs. Let me know when you cure cancer or help those folks in Africa. 😉

    p.s. the posters are nice…the “intern” one is hilarious.

  • emma

    The YouTube one is a cracker

  • hannah

    is the banksy one about the artist banksy?

  • http://www.studiospooky.tv tim Spencer

    They missed out:

    “I will not attempt to secure the services of an illustrator or lettering artist without paying them for it, by claiming that the agency has no budget available but explaining that it will be really great exposure and great for their portfolio ”

    “I will not attempt to secure work dirt cheap by offering empty promises that there will be lots more work coming up in the future”

    ” I will not send an email outlining the project then ask the illustrator to travel all the way to London for a meeting in which I merely re-iterate the points made in the email and end the meeting abruptly by saying ‘Basically, just go for it’ ”

    “I will not wink when discussing fees”

    ” I will not mention blue sky”

    ” I will not commission a piece of work then demand to see something twenty minutes later, and then freak out because what’s available to view after twenty minutes looks nothing like what was promised for the end of the week ”

    ” I will not set a fictional URGENT deadline forcing quality compromises, followed by six unexpected months of regular daily tweaks ”

    ” I will not call the illustrator ‘chap’ ”

    This could run and run…

  • John Lewallenj

    OK, yeah – so some people are complaining about the idea not being original. Some say the quotes are something only designers will get. So what?

    I think these complaints sound a bit prima donna. Snarky comments are bitterness. Every project is not a big, fresh, new day of design revelation. You strive to do interesting and meaningful work with whatever you may be working on. It only matters if your client doesn’t like it. They may be wrong, but they are paying.

    The typography is well done and whether they have a limitless appeal is irrelevant. A project with humor, executed professional, is nothing to get so uptight about. THIS is why people hate designers.