Space Invaders, Rubik’s Cubes and album art

French artist Invader has a solo show, Low Fidelity, at Lazarides Rathbone gallery…

569_0.jpg - Space Invaders, Rubik's Cubes and album art - 1676

Many of our readers will be aware of the work of French artist Invader, who has made a name for himself in recent years by creating mini mosaics of space invaders out of coloured tiles and installing them in street locations in cities around the world.

Low Fidelity, a new solo show by the artist which runs until 17 September at London’s Lazarides Rathbone gallery in central London, will include new works created out of Rubik’s cubes and inspired by classic album covers, work that utilises QR bar code technology (photograph it on your mobile phone to decode the works into text messages), as well as new space invader-inspired artwork. Here are some images from the show…

Michael Jackson’s Bad album sleeve gets the “Rubikcubism” treatment – see if you recognise Invader’s take on other classic album sleeves:

The above image is one in a series of works that utilises datamatrix barcode technology. Photograph on your mobile phone and use the relevant decoding software to turn image into text message.

Low Fidelity runs until 17 September at Lazarides Rathbone Gallery, 11 Rathbone Place. London W1T 1HR

  • I am unmoved.

  • splame

    That’s a Datamatrix – QR codes have the square keys in 3 cornders –
    IMO QR codes are prettier

  • I never knew who was behind those little space invaders..!
    We’ve got Strokes and Roxy Music covers.. just can’t identify the first one.

  • Fernando

    Doors. Roxy Music. MJ. Strokes.

    Love the Invader.

  • katie, its the cure Boys Don’t Cry

  • @splame – thank you for the informative link about Datamatrix and QR codes – I’ve ammended the caption in the post accordingly!

  • Derek

    The Space Invaders one is either cropped or isn’t using Robiks Cubes. The dimensions don’t add up.

  • Derek, I think the space ivaders one is one of his tiled installations that you can see in city streets

  • This is amazing, wondering how many man hours have gone into creating this masterpiece…

  • jason C

    love the space invaders piece i think its cool how such an old and iconic gaming character can still be used in design and still have a really good impact. the character is so simple but it just looks amazing

    nice work

  • how cool is this!