Peter Saville wrapping paper and other seasonal creative stuff

A few of our favourite Christmassy creative things sent to CR this year…

Being based in offices overlooking London’s busy Oxford street, it certainly hasn’t escaped our notice here at CR towers that Christmas is nearly upon us. And, as ever, it’s great to see enterprising creative types creating lovely cards and other seasonal treats for fans of their work. Here are a few of our favourite such Christmassy things so far this year…

Hand lettering artist Alison Carmichael created packs of 10 Christmas cards which she is offering for sale to friends and clients at a thoroughly reasonable £6 for 10 cards. “It’s a totally non profit making enterprise,” she tells us, “but cheap enough that if you felt guilty about buying non-charity cards, you can still afford to fling a couple of quid to a charity of your choice!”

No Brow commissioned Bristol-based illustrator Bjorn Rune Lie to create four Christmas card designs for them which they’ve hand screenprinted in their Shoreditch studio so that each card comes in four different colourways. The cards are made using 100% recycled stock and you can buy a pack of four for £9 (including p+p for UK buyers) direct from the

A hand grenade-shaped bauble may not seem like the most festive of decorations for your Christmas tree – and that’s actually the point of these grenades, conceived and designed by Manchester-based Dorothy for Ctrl.Alt.Shift in association with Suck UK. Entitled Chistmas Declarations, the grenade baubles are meant to remind people that despite the joy of Christmas, all is not rosy in the world.

The limited edition decorations are available to buy in packs of six from Suck UK (£20) with a donation being made from the sale of each pack to support Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s fight against global conflict. And they’re also being stocked by numerous independents including the Saatchi Gallery. More details and stockists at Photographs by Tim Sinclair


We received this charming illustrated postcard from Owen Gildersleeve of collective Evening Tweed. While he originally produced the postcards in a limited edition of 40 on his Gocco home screenprinting kit to send out to friends and clients, Owen tells us he’s hoping to use the jumper illustration on Christmas cards as well.

Ah, wrapping paper – always handy this time of year… We were sent a couple of rolls of this Manchester Gift Wrap, designed by Peter Saville in collaboration with Howard Wakefield of Studio Parris Wakefield for To see what the wrapping paper looks like unfolded, click this link

Last year the Christmas By Colour project saw the good folk at Raw Design ask a host of designers and image makers to submit a pantone reference to a colour they felt summed up the festive season. GF Smith provided the paper that allowed CBC to print posters showcasing the results of the submissions they received. This year CBC asked which of a selection of 40 pantones which featured on last year’s poster were peoples favourite – the top 12 have been made into Christmas cards  – which are available this year in two different packs of six:

The top twelve hues (which all have suitable name) are thus:

Quality Street (Guy Moorhouse)
Sprouts (John Dowling)
Yellow snow (Nick Greenwood)
Mulled wine (Tash Willcocks)
End of the Sellotape (Pete Clarke)
Park Lane & Mayfair (Jez Burrows)
Bank balance (Tom Heaton)
Granny’s whiskers (Jordan Nelson)
After Eights (Shane Phillips)
Bucks Fizz (Gil Cocker)
Pigs in blankets (Sean Rees)
Walking in the Air (Kelly Mackenzie)

Each pack costs £3.95 and they’re available to buy from

Paper company Fedrigoni turned to Studio8 to design their 2010 calendar, which takes the form of a pile of coloured paper, a sheet for every day of the year. A number representing the date is perfed into each sheet meaning users can push it out and stand it up on the top of the pile each morning…


YCN (Young Creatives Network) is set to launch a Christmas shop at its Rivington Street headquarters later this week. The shop will be full of specially commissioned exclusive goodies designed by a raft of interesting creative types including Donna Wilson, Mother and Johnny Kelly. Shown in the image above are some examples of the shop’s stock sent to us by YCN – a sheet of wrapping paper designed by Toby Pennington, two one-off, hand-illustrated christmas cards (the one on the left is by CR favourite Johanna Basford, the one on the right is by Jamie Portch) and a pack of four cards by Valero Doval. Also available will be Dominic Wilcox‘s By A Thread walking stick (below), whereby multi-coloured cotton thread reels have been painstakingly transferred by hand onto a wooden walking stick. Each stick is completely unique with a random combination of coloured thread.

The shop is open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Friday at 72 Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY. Tel: +44 (0) 207 033 2140. email:

Have you produced something nice to send to clients at Christmas – or created your own Christmas cards? If you have, we’d love to see the work – with a view to doing more of these posts through December. Email me at

  • jahpritch

    Christmas, it’s a load of old bollocks!

  • Yes, another Christmas. I remember having to design Christmas paraphernalia in July. Coming up with fresh ideas for clients’ cards every year too.

    Great solutions here… not sure about the hand grenade though although I’d quite like one as a present!

  • Grinchtastic.

  • where can you buy the Fedrigoni 2010 calendar. WANT!

  • Picked up some Christmas by Colour cards from RAW after contributing last year to their great poster, these are great value and of course none of my family will understand why I have given them such a ‘plain’ card!

  • santa greetings card and loads of other original gifts produced by artists. Some great christmas stuff @b-uncut store.

  • This agency have produced Christmas cards designed by UK’s top young designers. Pretty funky cards!!They are a bargin too
    Love granade bauble

  • Whose idea was it to do those upside-down Christmas trees? I saw one in John Lewis recently (£80!!) and it made me feel like ….. putting it the right way up (with the base then becoming a kind of grotesque star – now THAT’S witty and ironic).

    Anyone know where I can get a proper minimalist christmas tree? I’m thinking of an assembly of chromed spheres stacked into a perfect cone or something.

    Only joking.

  • Chrismas is getting more colourful every year.

  • BSL

    What a bunch of F*CKIN [deleted by moderator] thinking hanging a grenade on a Christmas tree is clever? Idiots!!!! People are dying all round the world for those [deleted by moderator] and they think that highlights their plight?! Jumped up idiots!!!!

  • To view the Peter Saville Manchester wrapping paper in full (not just the label) take a look at Howard Wakefield worked with Peter Saville to create it.

  • Daniel

    “Being based in offices overlooking London’s busy Oxford street, it certainly hasn’t escaped our notice here at CR towers that Christmas is nearly upon us.”

    That is truly dismal writing.

  • BSL, I think before you start screaming about ctrl.alt.shift have a look at this from their website.

    “On first appearances the decorations might look like delicate baubles but on closer inspection they are highly finished chrome hand grenades. The baubles represent the Ctrl.Alt.Shift ethos to inspire change through creativity and aim to make people stop and think about the bigger picture.

    Christmas is a time of giving, yet the annual defence budget for the UK is £44.5b, compared with a measily foreign aid budget of £7.8b. With each pack purchased you will be making a contribution to Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s fight against global conflict.”

    Though I can understand this causing confusion in that no reference to the above is made in the article

  • BSL

    Thanks for you point Stephen. And yes apologies for screaming…. but that was a heartfelt response.

    I had already looked at their website before I posted… and it made me even more sick.

    Buy doing something utterly stupid then writing some hard hitting facts and figures alongside it seems to equal to some designers that this is ‘meaningful design’.

    I can’t think of one serviceman, woman or aid work that will think it is clever to be hanging a grenade on their Christmas tree this December to help them think of the bigger picture of conflict and troubles around the world.

  • If you turn the Peter Saville logo ‘See What Manchester’s Made of’ on it’s side, is he giving us more than just wrapping paper for christmas?

  • Love the Raw Design ‘Christmas by Colour’ cards – a very simple idea, but with lots of potential to expand in the future into a range of products. Why can’t all card designers see that simple is better?! So many cards are crammed full of tacky pictures…..definitely over-done!

  • Christmas by Colour – Well done Pete – End of the Sellotape was inspired.
    It’s that time of the year first job is always to go through the box of Christmas cards (15 years of ’em)

    Has anyone got a client to buy one?

    Might just stick a hum-bug to card this year!

    Merry Christmas

  • its really nice :-)