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Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 13 February 2009, 12:48    Permalink    Comments (2)

2wice is a contemporary dance journal designed by Pentagram's Abbott Miller. Always beautifully presented, its regular territory is a somewhat high-brow world of toned musculature and perfect posture. Not so the latest issue.

Everybody Dance Now features a portfolio of Martin Parr photographs celebrating the sheer joy of having a dance. From Durban to Blackpool the simple human pleasures of getting down. Sometimes I find Parr's images to be a little condescending or patronising (not an original observation, I realise) but here they seem very much to be celebratory and not at all judgemental.

The issue comes bound in irridescent cover stock printed in rainbow colours. Page edges are coated in silver as glitzy as a glitter ball in a downmarket night club.

A piece of print that lifts the mood on many levels: lovely.

2wice can be bought here

Project Team: Abbott Miller, partner-in-charge; Kristen Spilman, designer.

Back cover - note rubbish reflection of photographer, sorry


nice book. and most importantly, i don't think the reflection of the photographer is rubbish. it actually added more interactive fun to the book which is about–photography. it gives a nice touch with the choice of a reflective material. great job abbott miller!
fools around
2009-02-13 15:23:03

My first thought was "so you think you can dance"!! This looks really interesting however with a lot of information going back many years and no doubt a prized possession for serious dancers.
Adirec Torytski
2009-09-02 09:02:16

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