For The Love Of Wispa

Fallon revives a much-loved chocolate bar

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Following an impassioned public campaign via Facebook, 80s chocolate bar Wispa has been reinstated in our stores. To advertise its return, Fallon London decided to build on this consumer enthusiasm and support in its campaign, titled For The Love Of Wispa. A website and a series of posters were used to ask fans to ‘donate themselves’ and their talents and appear in the new television commercial.

A surprising 2,281 pledges were made online in just 25 days, providing more than enough content for the ad. In the end over 300 fans were chosen to star in it, including 33 cheer­leaders, 16 rugby players, three wrestlers, 11 mod scooters, two belly dancers, four Irish dancers, one opera singer, two marching bands, eight hula hoopers, two knights, one choir, five bmxers, one barbershop quartet, 17 drummers, five stilt walkers, one hovercraft, three jugglers, and one open-top bus. The ad was filmed at Alexandra Palace in north London and aired just once on television. It can be seen online, alongside a making-of film, at .



Agency: Fallon London. Executive creative director: Richard Flintham. Creatives: Nils-Petter Lovgren, Matt Keon, Ali Alvarez. Production company: Between The Eyes. Director: Jonathan Hopkins


  • Only Fallon can leave you with a smile on your face and completely speechless! Well done!