Spin: PROA identity

Spin has created the identity for leading Buenos Aires art museum, PROA

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Thanks to the web and the ease of international communication these days, graphic designers operate in a genuine global market, a fact brought home by this latest commission for London-based Spin. Guillermo Goldschmidt of Buenos Aires art gallery proa had seen the studio’s work for the likes of Haunch of Venison and decided to ask it to create the identity for the revamped institution which opened at the end of last year.

The gallery, which shows a very broad range of work, is sited in the city’s Boca neigh­bour­hood, near the old port. Spin creative director Tony Brook explains that it wanted to do two things with its new identity: “to connect with its location and to announce itself on the international stage as an important gallery”. The studio came up with two routes, one based on the shadows cast by corrugated iron, used exten­sively in the area, and the other based on the architecture of a major bridge in front of the gallery which became a famous landmark for the newly-arriving Italian immigrants who made the area their home. Proa decided to go with the latter.

Working with German type designer Herbert Jocham, Spin created a bespoke typeface to form the centre of the identity, based on the structure of the bridge. Its Meccanoesque lines create quite eccentric letter­forms making, Brook says, reference to local vernac­ular signage. The result is highly distinctive and recognisable.

Designers: Patrick Eley and Josh Young, spin.co.uk