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New Cadbury's Commercial (and more nice work)

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Posted by Eliza Williams, 23 January 2009, 12:42    Permalink    Comments (17)

Cadbury's Dairy Milk ad, agency: Fallon, creative: Nils-Petter Lovgren, production company: MJZ London, director: Tom Kuntz

Fallon has released the latest spot in its A Glass And A Half Productions series for Cadbury's Dairy Milk. The ad follows the trend established by Gorilla and Trucks of combining a retro track with some good, clean fun, this time in the form of two eyebrow-dancing kids.

When the kids are left alone in a photographer's studio, 80s electro track Don't Stop The Rock suddenly kicks in, and the duo begin their eyebrow moves. You have to wait until about 30 secs in for the first big laugh, but this ad looks set to provoke as many YouTube imitations as Gorilla.

Still from Coke Library ad, from Wieden + Kennedy

Wieden + Kennedy has created this new spot for Coca-Cola, which sees two kids in a library flirting with one another by drawing on their arms. The spot, which can be viewed here (it doesn't seem to be on YouTube yet) climaxes when the guy draws a Coke bottle on his arm, while the girl creates a glass filled with ice cubes and they, ahem, exchange fluids. Now we've been ranting on the CR blog for a while now about the twee advertising that seems to dominate our TV screens at the moment, and this ad does fall into this category but is charming enough to just about get away with it. Please though adland, can we have something other than folksy music and cutesy hand-drawn imagery? Please?

T-Mobile ad, agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, production company: Partizan, director: Michael Gracey

T-Mobile's latest spot sees the phone brand co-opt the craze for flashmobbing. Over 350 dancers descended on Liverpool Street Station in London to perform a series of impromptu routines to retro tunes which were filmed by ten hidden cameras.

Skittles ad, agency: TBWAChiatDay, creatives: Craig Allen, copywriter: Eric Kallman, production company: MJZ, director: Tom Kuntz

Here is the latest, and the last ever, Skittles ad to come from the golden team of Gerry Graf, Ian Reichenthal and Scott Vitrone at TBWAChiatDay New York, who previously created genius spots for the sweet brand including Trade and Touch. While this new one sadly lacks the magic of those masterpieces, it's still worth a look.

Protest ad, agency: KesselsKramer, creatives: Ewoudt Boonstra, Zack MacDonald, production company: Partizan, director: Daniel Eskils

Finally, we end on this spot for snowboarding clothing brand Protest, out of KesselsKramer.


I'm surprised at how much I liked the T-mobile ad. When I'd first heard about this I really didn't like the idea, as I thought it might just look a bit awkward and too staged. But it seems to retain a really nice quality where the genuine public (although it's hard to tell them apart from the dancers at parts) really seem to warm to it. To use the most horrible horrible, yet honest, description: "It left me feeling warm and fuzzy."
I also love how random the Skittles ad continue to be. It reminds me of the older Tango ads, in the sense that I like look forward to seeing them and they really stick with you.
Back and Forth Design
2009-01-23 13:21:53

great ad ideas. I really like the T-mobile one. I can't imagine what I would do if people started dancing in the train station like that, but probably take pictures on my phone like everyone else.
2009-01-23 20:12:56

Funny, I don't think the Cadburys ad will provoke as many Youtube imitations, as its already an imitation of a youtube video itself -

Seems the inspiration span at Fallon is wearing shorter
2009-01-23 23:18:58

T-Mobile ad executed so well.

Like the way it doesn't drown itself in cuteness. Just presents itself - not patronising and gushy.

My girlfriend was working in the station that day and said the mood of the whole place was just lifted. Train rides home were actually better.
2009-01-24 09:24:49

I think the Cadbury team could learn something from the T-mobile ad.
2009-01-24 14:28:08

isn't it all a bit dated anyway?
that protest commercial is nothing more than what nike did ages ago with the tennisplayers on covers of magazines.
2009-01-25 03:16:57

'Funny, I don’t think the Cadburys ad will provoke as many Youtube imitations, as its already an imitation of a youtube video itself -

Seems the inspiration span at Fallon is wearing shorter'

I don't really see how cadbury's have imitated that vid.

Even if it was the inspiration for it it's still executed in a very original way. Genius in my opinion.

I know it's not very trendy to like things anymore but admit it, you laughed!
2009-01-25 12:06:58

t-mobile is just an old 'joke'
Cadbury is the big winner. briljant
2009-01-25 13:42:48

My girlfriend showed me this earlier and I almost wet myself laughing at it. It's so sureal and just odd.

The direction Cadbury's are taking with their Glass and a Half Productions is really wierd but then again the ads are incredibly memorable and afterall, that's what makes advertising effective.

Bravo Cadbury's, bravo.
2009-01-26 04:31:14

Eyebrow dancing? Britain has got talent! Love the little girl with the balloon at the end. She's so earnest!

I'm sure the ususal grumblers and begrudgers will crawl out of the skirting boards to complain about this but, like the Atheist bus says "stop worrying and enjoy life"
2009-01-26 10:05:35

I really had to double take the skittles video, very strange when you realise that there in the mirror and not the room!
2009-01-26 11:59:34

the t-mobile advert is sooooooooooo dull, fake flash mobs have been done (badly) so many times now I'm amazed at the positive response it's getting here. Fake energy and excitement by a bunch of hammy dancers is in no way uplifting to me. Liverpool St is a loathsome place at the best of times and now we have to endure this ad on repeat everytime we walk in the place.

What makes it more depressing is it cannot help but bring to mind Roman Coppola's brilliant video for 90's indie act Mansun's Taxloss. Throwing £25,000 into the same part of Liverpool street in fivers and filming the chaos. Totally impossible to recreate without being thrown in jail these days, this video shows a true spontaneous moment of madness from the commuters and staff alike.
2009-01-26 14:40:32

Mansun’s Taxloss is an amazing video thanks for the link! what a contrast to the t-mobile video
2009-01-26 16:57:35

Love the t mobile spot. Real society-challenging stuff, well for 3 minutes at least. What next? Singing on the tube? Forget Cadbury imitations on YouTube, I'm looking forward to the T Mobile clips!
Huw Tyler
2009-01-26 22:13:22

The T-Mobile ad is great. I must have watched it a dozen times and it still makes me smile. Such a simple idea and so well executed. Would have been great to have been there - people's reactions are what make it so powerful.
Alex Peterson
2009-01-27 13:32:00

Thanks for that reminder Narcsville of the Genius Coppola Video!

Let's not forget even more recently the Silent Rave in Liverpool Street, which I think was organised on a social networking site!

This is a theme that we are seeing more and more of very soon or close after a nice piece of original work gets a bit of exposure online, large ad agency's recreating (or possibly more sinister).

Anyone out there know out there if BLU had anything to do with the 6 Music Advert a copy of the MUTO concept?
2009-01-27 13:56:53

Fantastically funny new ad from Cadburys

Juan who?
martyn reding
2009-01-27 14:41:36

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