Brody’s cryptic Wallpaper* cover

Neville Brody has designed the subscriber cover for the August issue of Wallpaper* – a coded reference to his feelings about his work

Neville Brody has designed the subscriber cover for the August issue of Wallpaper* – a coded reference to his feelings about his work

“I wanted to create something subsersive,” says Brody in the issue. “Something that seems raw and takes time to work through.” So, can you tell what it is yet?

Brody came up with two alternative cover ideas for the issue that were not used. You can see them here

Brody also designed a typeface for the magazine’s Design Directory section – Peace 2. The face “started with Peace and Love, a project I did in 2003,” Brody says. He created a stencil font, Peace, based on the Tate + Lyle logo, a contentious choice given that the company has combined an industrial past rooted in Empire with the founding of a major cultural institution, Tate Gallery.

The original face was used on a poster for the V&A. Peace 2, apparently, “smooths out the original’s sharp edges and adds a lower case version,” acccording to Jonathan Bell’s piece in Wallpaper*.


  • “I hate” ? “I’d stop” ? Pretty sure about the “I hate bit” not so sure about the rest?

  • Harry H

    I H A T E D E S I G N

    …I don’t personally but that’s what the cover says.

  • DesignOutro

    I hate designers
    typeface works well as display font.

  • DesignOutro

    Just realised… If turned other way round, with heart right way round could be “I love/hate (design??)

  • james

    it says “eye H8 D-sign”…

  • elmarko

    Sometimes Nev, I hate design too.

  • wow beautiful typeface!

  • Chris M

    I have a love hate relationship with design

  • With the emphasis on the heart being bigger, he loves design more than he hates it, it just simply says he has a love/hate relationship with design,, I prefer messages that are honest and personal, just typical Brody!

  • I ladderated stop………….

  • Honest Joe


  • PatrickBurgoyne

    @ Honest Joe
    Fine, but why do you think that?

  • Well there can’t be something ‘wrong’ with it.
    I mean, it’s job is to be a ‘cover’, it’s a ‘nice’ cover for a ‘nice’ magazine…
    What it does say to me, is that Brody is far too quiet. – It would be nice to see more of ‘his’ work –personal and commercial– around, so we could see how our beloved 80s/90s design hero has evolved and developed. (I don’t mean what is produced from Research Studios as a collective, working group, but more from the hands of the man himself..)

  • I love climate design (climb 8 D sign)

  • Cincinnatti

    ^^Action Man,
    Brody has recently been made Creative Director at Arena Homme Plus, so the next issue should be a good showcase of where the man is at.

  • M

    I love the fact he white washed the masthead out – its a return to “daring design” with the most minimal coverlines – even though this was a “90s” thing I still think it is a strong enough aesthetic to work nowadays – looks at the cult following of VOGUE Italia, TAR magazine, POP Magazine and all these beautiful subscriber covers for Esquire, Wallpaper* among others?

    Bring back the old school!

  • ^^Cincinnatti,
    Really? that IS interesting. That will be interesting to see the effects…
    what happened? MMmegastarsParis were doing it the last time I blinked..
    And what’s going on with Interview?..

  • Mark De Winne

    I think the “cover” is pretty interesting….back to basics, a hint of Paul Rand in there, and the way he communicated ideas(or should we say eye-deers – haha) I’m not too sure about that typeface. Looks very laboured, nothing new/radical in there. Good for display, like someone mentioned earlier, but I personally wouldn’t use it.

  • Reminiscor

    Mmmm based on the Tate and Lyle logo? Seems to be based on one of his own typefaces turned into a stencil.

    As for the cover; yes its trying to be Paul Rand in the 1940s

  • Jeff Brown


  • Cincinnatti

    Regarding the whole Interview/Homme Plus thing: its all very messy.
    M/M were poached by Brant to do Interview once Fabien Baron and Karl Templer left. The 3 (or 4?) issues they did were interesting and almost harked back to the days when Warhol himself used to hand-draw the typefaces and titles. Almost. But their work was only semi-legible at the best of times, and left readers confused to say the least. Ultimately M/M were victims of the power struggle between Glenn O’Brien and Baron, who wanted to be the sole Editorial Director of Interview. Baron took most of his wage-paying ad clients with him when he left and revenues plummeted, so poor O’Brien was recently unceremoniously pushed out, and Baron is now sat on the Interview throne. Templer’s return is also apparently imminent. O’Brien subsequently [allegedly] broke his confidentiality clause by talking to the US press, resulting in an ugly lawsuit from Brant.
    Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, Brant himself is now embroiled in an almost comically messy divorce from Stephanie Seymour [which is all over NY gossip pages] and has ceded control of Interview to his son so he focus on the upcoming court battle. Few think the venerable title can survive all this upheaval.
    Sorry to fill a Brody/Wallpaper blog with this; I think we’re all very interested to see where he takes Homme Plus.

  • The typeface is ok. Hold on to your pants though, I mean what defines: ‘new/radical’ ??? and why does anyone expect it to reinventing the wheel?… It’s just another typeface…
    Lets not get to ambitious about a ‘typeface’.. Lets be thankful it does what it was intended and leave it at that.
    God, no wonder these designers don’t come out from under their rocks.. when there’s so much public expectation and pressure.. They’re only designers. Designers learn and make mistakes all the time just like ‘normal’ people you know…. The things they touch don’t turn to gold…

  • Why does he hate design? He creates that same design himself… ? baaaaaah
    More thinking… more cleverness… more wisdom… please?

  • Steve

    I H8 the cover

  • Action

    The typeface is mediocre at best if it wasn’t Brody it wouldn’t get any recognition whatsoever. Media hype kills the truth.

  • The upside-down heart is the opposite, so hate or maybe a twisted love
    Eye-ladder-eight D and a sign

    He hates illiterate design – or pretends to as the whole thing is pretty illiterate, but I guess that’s his point.

  • Surely the same the written in biro on the nearest notepad and scanned in would have been truer to the meaning of the message?

  • he does get a response thou!

  • More Bauhaus…will it ever stop!

  • They’re only designers. Designers learn and make mistakes all the time just like ‘normal’ people you know

  • Not the best typeface he’s designed but I think it works.

    I love and hate design too, sometimes.

    Wait, what did he said on Newsnight the other night commenting on infographics not sending a “clear message”? But at least it provokes debate and feelings… (still beats David McCandless infographics)