Brody’s other Wallpaper* cover ideas…

Earlier this week we posted on a cryptic cover that Neville Brody has designed for the August issue of Wallpaper*. He also came up with two, rather less cryptic suggestions that the magazine decided not to use…

569brody2_0.jpg - Brody's other Wallpaper* cover ideas... - 1566

Earlier this week we posted on a cryptic cover that Neville Brody has designed for the August issue of Wallpaper*. He also came up with two, rather less cryptic suggestions that the magazine decided not to use…

One features the Peace 2 typeface that Brody designed for the issue

The other doesn’t

And here, once again, is the design that was used

Thanks to Sarah Douglas at Wallpaper* for sending these over.

  • Do you think Neville’s alright? I mean, I think he may be a little depressed. FTW!

  • Craig Thomas

    Excellent. Might try that myself.

  • ASD

    OHHHHH EDGY! oh no wait its not at all its just pretty sad

  • Andy

    I think that the one they went with is the best by some stretch…

    SHIT in his Peace 2 typeface just looks a bit too disjointed… The second vertical stroke on the H seems to break away from the rest of the letter, and I can’t make up my mind if I can see IT or two rather large lowercase r’s – so it reads SHrr.

  • the upside down blue heart is a bum?

  • Stu

    You know how sometimes you make a piece and a few variations…but sometimes you deliberately make the alternatives shit so they pick your preferred?

  • Cameron

    EYE H8 D SIGN? Oh wait, I get it now! Brillia… actually, no. It’s better than the two varying “SHIT” versions, but I still think it’s a bit naff.

  • dan

    my comment to this following the same cutting edge style……
    “a circle” & “bambi”.

  • neville

    crap or not. it is brody. you wished you were him. respect!!!

  • Do you think he’s going through a mid-life crisis?

  • rob

    piece of….. oh, hold on, it’s neville brody! Good show old chap! Excellent work!

    How about just getting Nev to draw a picture of a cartoon penis on the back of a dusty old mercedes and putting that on the front cover? That’s next months issue, you say? Oh, that’s okay then.

  • alex

    wonderful to see how well he exemplifies the points made by “monika” magazine. celebrity culture in art cuts away oppertunities for new designers and ideas and becomes an excercise for the rich and fabulous to take the piss with shit designs.

    also, I hope everyone seen how much of a pretentious [deleted by moderator] he looks in the photo’s for the D&AD board, mid-life crisis would explain his hair cut :)

  • I think after 30 years of designing you can do what ever “shit” you like, thats the point, you have to work hard to earn this. There is a foundation behind the design, thats why it can be simple and to the point, obviously short sighted people can’t see that. And the abuse is just typical british bitterness. Stick to shallow fancy dan graphics were technique is king why not. Look at the cover, and what its says, the design is deliberately crude to counteract style, and it says I hate design, but there is a heart, but its upside down and blue, a dead heart staved of oxygen, its a love hate relationship with design. but I suppose everyone would be happy if there was a pretty picture on the cover. Enjoy your candles and flowers . . .

  • Duncan Ferguson: It says ‘shit’. A designer sent a piece of work to a client that just said ‘shit’ on it. Maybe they should have hired Mr Tourette instead…

  • Yeah, and thats the good bit! The client sent in these alt covers, so she must of liked them. So is your problem with the designer or the client?

  • An innocent typo? I told a client once to SHIT+cmd+R to clear his cache.

  • Me

    I can’t believe you people are discussing the artistic or design relevance of this “design”.
    The guy just wrote “SHIT” in as crappy type face. Can no one else see that?

    Ground breaking!

  • Action Jackson

    Dooodido…laadeedaa…oh! a squirrel! How nice.

  • Client and Designer – a match often made in heaven

  • A match often made in he’ll more like!!!?

  • Peter Southworth

    When you have been designing for thirty years, as Duncan says, at what point is shit good?

  • Rory Forrest

    Does what it says on the tin.

  • Mark

    And yet life goes on. pfft

  • Jeff Brown


  • Julie


  • Traci Rochester

    I’m all for cutting edge graphics, but if you’re going to be this esoteric and abstract, why be in the design business. Surely the main difference between art and design is the communication of a clear message?? It’s work like this that clients can’t relate to and it gives designers a poor reputation in terms of being seen as pretentious. Think Neville needs to change his vocation, or throw off the cynicism and get back some of the passion and positivity.

  • James Tuomey

    The chosen cover is not the crime against design that most people seem to be saying it is, but the notion that once you’ve worked for 30 years or so you are exempt from criticism is just silly. Really…

  • It’s a total waste of good paper? Was it printed on toilet paper then that might be vaguely interesting?