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Bugs + street light + long exposure

Music Video / Film

Posted by Mark Sinclair, 30 July 2009, 14:53    Permalink    Comments (12)

Michigan-based filmmaker Charlie McCarthy shot 156 photographs of insects flying around a street light, each at a four second exposure. He then put them together at 12 frames per second to make this delightful little film...

Aren't the corkscrew spirals great? Via Andrew Sullivan's blog.

Charlie's main Vimeo page is here and the Flight Patterns film, here.



I really like this, it looks like animation.
2009-07-30 18:15:47

sweet work
2009-07-31 04:28:43

It really does look as an animation. What a nice and simple idea!
2009-07-31 08:08:44

Wow - a crazy idea that gives creates a wonderful effect. I love it!
2009-07-31 09:03:38

very nice. loving the track up the pole too.
2009-07-31 11:53:40

That's really nice. Makes you wonder what the bugs were up to!
2009-07-31 12:42:28

nice photos but the animation effect's been done with considerably more finesse here;
2009-07-31 19:12:12

It cool how that one spiral shape keeps appearing. Either he's re-using shots or there one crazy bug around that light
Richard Michie
2009-08-01 22:22:14

he only took 156 shots, 12 frames per second, 156/12= 13 second long? of course he's re-using shots silly.

really nice simple idea. love it.
2009-08-02 22:21:01

interesting choice of music, lovely idea.
Samuel Michael
2009-08-03 07:53:35

Like this! Crazy insects, they don't know where they're going. It's way better than the ITV YouTube link Tom put up. I like that it's like a Super8 video, all jaunty. Great stuff! Who cares if it repeats...
2009-08-03 15:45:02

to be honest, i preferred the still to the film...seemed more magical. i didnt think the soundtrack worked that great with it either, but hey its a damn good idea, and the still at the top is simply beautiful :)
2009-08-03 16:05:23

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