Advice for Graduates

As this year’s degree shows open across the country, we have published a series of articles offering help and advice to new graduates in visual communications

As this year’s degree shows open across the country, we’ve added the contents of our recently published Graduate Guide to the CR blog. It includes advice on forming a collective, maintaining a portfolio website, details on a new creative school, plus all the degree show listings for 2009…


To start off, why not check out some of the seasoned advice dished out by the creators of this year’s Advice to Sink in Slowly postcard and poster packs, given out to students at a host of colleges around the country (Lee Basford’s design shown above). If you’re just beginning your studies, or are leaving them behind, then there’s plenty of pithy, visually-led advice, here.


For the majority of creative gradutes, a website is a must. It’s one of the easiest ways to bring your work to the world. Anthony Sheret (personal site shown, below) of Brighton-based studio, the Entente, offers some advice on creating the best portfolio of your projects online. Check it his top tips, here.


Perhaps you’re thinking of teaming up with some friends from college? Well, Eliza Williams spoke to the guys at Peepshow, Le Gun, Gumbo (Tom Frost’s work shown, below), Ink, and Monsters about the benefits of forming a collective. Read about how they’ve fared working as a team, here.




If you fancy the idea of gaining valuable work experience and learning on the job, then maybe Wieden + Kennedy’s soon-to-be-launched creative school, Platform is for you. We spoke to the guys behind the project that hopes to attract a range of creative people who will get to work on live agency briefs and learn how the industry works. The story is here.


And finally, as posted up last month, we’ve got the listing page that contains full details on most of the degree shows taking place at the moment and in the coming months. Thanks to all who’ve contributed details of their own shows in the comments section.

And to all graduates: good luck!


  • Essential advice I’d give is to proof-read your job applications and to research as much as possible prior to arriving at an interview. If you’re going to spell anything badly in your CV, you’re putting out signals that you’re going to get it wrong when dealing with live jobs. Go beyond the website and ask around. If you don’t have the name of the person who is dealing with interviews, then call up and ask. This will in turn help arm you with questions relevant to your potential role. Clean portfolios (no hairs please) and make sure you have contact numbers for when your train get delayed (turn phone off prior to knocking on the door) and above all else follow-up on the interview to thank them for THEIR time. Remember that nobody owes you a job, you have to earn it, it is a recession after all – the best of British luck…

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    Network! Take a looky at this Creative Networking Site which you can join for free!

  • If you’re a recent graduate check this free resource out:

  • I agree with the comments above. Proof read your CV carefully, it will have disastrous results is you make a typo. Whats more get out there networking in the industry. Build up contact that can help you in your carear.

  • The links don’t work for me!

  • I like all the advice and stuff but I want to be a copywriter and so far there seems a definite lack in advice for us!

    Any ideas?

  • I’ve recently written a piece on the same subject: