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Posted by Creative Review, 8 June 2009, 10:51    Permalink    Comments (10)

We launched our Feed section on Friday – and already the work is flooding in from all around the world

Feed allows all our readers to upload their work to the CR site. It went live last Friday but already we have contributions from France, Spain, the US, Argentina, Brazil, Australia and, of course, the UK.

Projects include Kyle Bean's Russian doll style model showing the evolution of the mobile phone (above).


Massimo Gammacurta's Sweet Fashion story (above).


This Visual System Workshop, by Martina Flor (above).



And Cinco's series of illustrations using contemporary objects to make classic forms.

More projects are being added every minute. Info on how to submit work is here


But reaaaally it's not much different looking through manystuff this, ffffound that and todayandtomorrow here.... no?
but then arranged in such a way that it will give you a splintering headache in 60 seconds.... small images, small text, smashed together columns..... a clever ploy to raise hits to the website thus increasing advert-selling-potential?...

Far more interesting to read your 'blog'.
(but you'll need glasses after 2 weeks for the headaches anyway..)
action man
2009-06-08 14:18:38

Agreed. And at least, for instance, taker the time to rationalise the content and group it in creative ways. This is just another pic dump. 1/10.
2009-06-08 14:42:49

@ Action Man
Well heaven forbid we should actually want to make the website more popular...

Feed doesn't replace the Blog, if anything it'll allow the Blog to be even more Blog-like, ie to carry posts that have an opinion or are intended to promote discussion rather than just "here's a new piece of work". Feed can handle the latter

If you click through to any of the stories the text and images are considerably larger - larger still if you use the zoom tool to expand images.

We're still working on a range of tweaks for the whole site, one of which will be to increase the type size, so you may be able to cancel that appointment at the optician.
CR PatrickBurgoyne
2009-06-08 14:43:08

If you want to look at particular areas of content, you can use the Subject pages which bring through tagged content about a particular area from anywhere on the site - whether it's a blog post, an article from a back issue, a Monograph or a Feed item.

There will also be Blog posts which pick up on uploads to Feed and slice the content in different ways, ie looking at trends or location etc etc
CR PatrickBurgoyne
2009-06-08 14:57:39

i'm happy Patrick! plus i'm sure many others are. good work CR!
2009-06-08 15:53:18

@ Schnabz
CR PatrickBurgoyne
2009-06-08 16:28:28

@ Patrick
Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the CR positioning. You know I've been a supporter for a long time - I'm just saying what I think, like it asks above the 'your comment' box.. I just want to point out, whilst there is nothing necessarily wrong with the style and aesthetic of the site, I find it lacks in addressing key aspects of it's intended purpose.

I hope, that it is our duty as designer/reader/audience/customer to share our opinions with you? after all, a good product/service is only improved with honest observation and critique from the audience it was created for...
action man
2009-06-08 17:06:21

Action Man

Absolutely - which is why I am responding to your concerns here. As I said, we have a range of tweaks that will come into play in the next few weeks, many of which were prompted by feedback to the site posted here on the Blog, so thank you to you and to everyone else who took the trouble to tell us what they thought.
CR PatrickBurgoyne
2009-06-08 17:59:47

Great Pics! I love the one with the cellphones. So funny to see how far we've come in such a short time!
Graphic Design Orange County
2009-06-11 23:51:58

look all of them very amazing! thank you for sharing.
Ngân hàng
Vay mua nha
Ngan hang
2009-11-19 07:11:32

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