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Design for Yutaka Tajima


Posted by Mark Sinclair, 18 June 2009, 10:43    Permalink    Comments (7)

Yutaka Tajima is the clothing label of UK design studio, Sanderson Bob. Since 2004, a selection of T-shirts have been available from their online store, featuring designs based on their geometric Y logo. They're now seeking submissions for new interpretations...

With each of the Y logo T-shirts produced, the Y is interpreted in a different way. To date, six shirts have been produced (that you can see here) and there are several ideas for new designs on the website. (T-shirts retail at £25).

"The dream would be to publish a book illustrating all the designs we receive, create an exhibition," says Sanderson Bob. "In turn this will act as a tool to attract stores from around the globe to stock the label. The shirts that are picked by the stores would then be printed."

Designers interested in taking part can contact the label on They will then be sent a template and guidelines for creating their Y logo design.

Final T-shirt featuring a Y design by Shinbo

Other Y designs for potential Yutaka Tajima T-shirts below.

Y by Carl Burgess / More Soon (an ex-One to Watch in CR no less!)

Y by Jeffrey Docherty

Y by Jethro Haynes

Inverted Y by Sure Sure

See Yutaka Tajima for more details.


2009-06-18 20:09:23

Good to see British design alive and well.
Steve Mawhinney
2009-06-19 01:52:13

This is a great idea - I like the way there is a unity to the concept, that can still be seen even when executed in various styles and manners.
2009-06-19 14:56:54

free consultancy for an undisclosed return?
yeah, good to see British design is alive and well...
judge dredd
2009-06-19 15:05:02

Some people only care about $$$$, what you can't create something unless there is an exchange of currency ?!?
2009-06-23 22:48:35

Designers - to arms! We have work to do. In these troubled times, we should unite, respond and en masse produce something poignant! - Designer T-shirts! Oh, 'designer t-shirts'... Designer t-shirts? With a 'Y' on?
Is this for charity? Is this for a good cause? Is this saying something profound?
No... it's to persuade shops around the globe to stock Bob Sanderson's (I'm sorry, I had to look him up) clothing range.
Y? Y indeed! Y would any self-respecting designer feel the need to support Bob Sanderson's (?) career?
He might as well rattle a tin. He's 'living the dream!' so hard it's embarrassing.
Makes you cross, this sort of parochial self-seeking nonsense.
2009-06-30 21:57:47


I think your comments are at least a little harsh. I don't see the difference between what Bob is doing and any other design exhibition/project which has proceded it i.e Blanka's Mono Exhibition, Progress Packagings Re-Bag project. It isn't as if he is claiming the work as his own and 'in these troubled times' surely it's a great way for small companies and individuals to promote themselves and their work, while answering an interesting and creative brief (which is always welcome).

I got involved in this project from the beginning and it's been great working with Sanderson Bob,
who has been both encouraging and helpful.

2012-04-17 13:38:08

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