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Droga5's Puma projection and more nice work

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Posted by Eliza Williams, 13 March 2009, 12:53    Permalink    Comments (7)

Puma Lift commercial, agency: Droga5, production company: MJZ, director: Rupert Sanders

It's Friday so it must be time for another round-up of the nice work that has passed through CR Towers this week. First up is a new ad for Puma from Droga5 in New York, which uses projections to show a couple's journey through life.

Sagami Original ad, agency: GT Tokyo, production company: Rock & Roll Japan, director: Kan Eguchi

GT Tokyo has created this unusual ad for condom brand Sagami Original, which emphasises that a little bit of distance in love is no bad thing.

Ambient ad for Virgin Trains, agency: MCBD/Elvis

This ambient ad has been created by MCBD/Elvis for Virgin Trains and is currently up at Liverpool Lime Street Station. The screen displays comments about passers-by in real time, complete with an arrow pointing at them, just to make sure you know who's being discussed. The statements all emphasise Virgin Trains' service, but at times they also seem to verge on bullying...

Comcast Singalong ad, agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, production company: Nexus Productions, directors: Smith & Foulkes

Directing team Smith & Foulkes has created this beautifully animated spot for Comcast, which comes complete with a catchy soundtrack.

Aygo - Staircase from Rokkit on Vimeo.

Finally, Zeitguised's latest spots for Toyota's Aygo are rather fine. One is shown above, the other two can be viewed on Vimeo here and here.


Really like the Puma ad.
Gemma Went
2009-03-13 15:24:35

Yeah the Puma ad is great I cant wait to see it on a big screen (Hopefully)!

Anyone else see the Virgin "Liverpool to London Return Faster than Robbie Keane!" whether it ever made the press or it was just a viral mock up of a page it was pretty on the ball (the next day!)

PS. I can't believe there is no mention of Foxy Bingo - its the new Rolex dance in the clubs or comapre the Meerkat - sczchimples! (Two inanimate characters that make me want too smash my TV, although Foxy was once just a man in a suit with the head on so at least you could get a grip of him, but I think they have CGI'd him now so maybe not!)
imagepropaganda |
2009-03-13 18:18:26

more arty commerciales! my god, this is so boring.
2009-03-15 02:34:26

The Aygo Spots are amazing! I think i prefer the other ones though, concrete is probably my favourite out of them all. Really good work though! I'm a big fan of Zeitguised
2009-03-16 18:34:11

Puma ad didn't work at all. the exacution was the only good bit.

Too much of a uni project than something that would persuade me to buy into their brand.
2009-03-19 20:56:15

This is ace. Puma in NY. whats Puma doing in the UK does anyone know?

2009-05-29 17:27:35

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2009-09-07 09:52:03

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