Nigel Peake: Ghost Houses Long Gone book

Inspired by photographs of “homes, holidays, family, soldiers, events of wonder and the plain ordinary” which he found in a thrift store in Philadelphia, illustrator Nigel Peake has published a book showcasing dozens of his drawings of old, abandoned, sometimes dilapidated and even collapsed houses

house_fallen_0.jpg - Nigel Peake: Ghost Houses Long Gone book - 145

“On the road I live there are stone shells,” says Peake. “Old houses with their tin roofs gone and almost rendered invisible by the sprawling brambles and trees sprouting in places where they should not be…. No longer proud, these houses remain a memory of an age and time that seems almost impossible to believe.” Ghost Houses Long Gone: recorded and drawn by Nigel Peake, is self-published in an edition of 1,000.