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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 24 March 2009, 12:43    Permalink    Comments (18)

UNKLE's track Heaven appeared on the soundtrack to acclaimed skate film Fully Flared (2007) directed by Spike Jones and Ty Evans. Now the two directors have created the official video for UNKLE's track using footage taken of the Lakai skateboarding crew originally captured for their film: the video is essentially a re-edited sequence of shots showing the Lakai crew show off their impressive skateboarding skills as they negotiate various exploding obstacles - all in glorious slo-mo.


i really shouldnt like this but it is ace.
2009-03-24 13:05:57

OMG! UNKLE, Skateboarding and Creative Review. It doesn't get much better than this!
2009-03-24 13:24:17

Just the best vid out there at the moment
2009-03-24 13:35:14

absolutely kicks ass, skateboarding and explosions, nice one
Youssef Sarhan
2009-03-24 13:38:55

It got to 2 minutes and i was about to close the page... glad i didn't...
2009-03-24 23:02:40

Pat Odell's video from the making of shows how close Spike gets to killing some kids.
2009-03-25 02:16:37

I absolutely love this intro. Altough it feels kinda off with UNKLE'S Heaven.
THe original M83's Lower your eyelids to die with the sun is way better imo.
2009-03-25 07:42:44

The best skate movie ever! Spike has done alot of ground breaking work for the Girl team. This is no exception.
Not Another Graphic Designer
2009-03-25 08:28:37

The original
2009-03-25 10:43:19

This makes my knees hurt.
action man
2009-03-25 12:39:31

mr orange
2009-03-25 16:39:45

Yeah the original score is a lot better; it makes me sad to think that some people will see this version first.
2009-03-26 10:16:15

amazing, the original was better of course but, skateboarding UNKLE CR all in one ? cant really fault that surely!?
2009-03-26 20:23:54

I saw the original intro the Laikai video a long time ago, every skateboard video I've seen tries to find an original way of filming skateboard sequences, but this one beats all.
2009-03-27 01:14:31

This video is amazing! The rest of the visuals are incredible too, must see it. These explosions remind me of another great video "The end" by birdhouse if you get a chance to see it. Do it!
Iron Lobo, Jr.
2009-03-30 19:11:23

You can watch other earlier Jonze collaborations with Girl Skateboards on Google video... Search for 'Mouse' and 'Yeah Right!' though if you only have time for one, watch the former... Keenan Milton Switch Flip!
Christopher Johnson
2009-03-31 12:48:34

m83s way better
andrea gassi
2009-04-11 16:40:23

I think those were just simple firecrackers haha...... but still very adventurous....
Jay Adams
2009-05-27 03:44:48

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