While much of the world is rejoicing at Barack Obama’s decision to close down Guantanamo and the secret prisons, there still remains the use of torture within military prisons around the world

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In this campaign, the charity Reprieve is focusing on the use of music torture, a practise favoured by torturers because of the lack of evidence it leaves on the body. While it may not on the surface sound as extreme as other forms of torture (insert your jokes about being forced to listen to Céline Dion here), music torture is in fact brutal, with victims shackled in stress positions and then bombarded with ear-splitting music for hours, days or even months. Reprieve aims to encourage govern­ments to condemn the use of music torture via the website and online petition,, designed by This Is Real Art. The site shows supporters, including many famous faces, filmed in silent protest, with users encouraged to record their own videos to be played on the site.  The aim is to get one million signatures this year, before the petition will be taken to the UN and various governments.

Agency: This Is Real Art.
Creative Team: Paul Belford (cd), Áthilla Armstrong, Fred Birdsall, Chris Perry, Sam Renwick, Pav Thiruchelvarajah, Xiaofei Zhang