Five posters for five Ctrl.Alt.Shift films

Manchester-based agency Dorothy has created five screen-printed posters to help promote five new shorts directed by up-and-coming filmmakers

Manchester-based agency Dorothy recently created these five screenprinted posters to help promote five new shorts directed by up and coming film makers…

No Way Through poster, designed by Craig Oldham and Jordan Stokes (from Music)

“The short films were the winners of a national competition launched by Ctrl.Alt.Shift in 2008 which invited young filmmakers to write a treatment based around a global issue – War and Peace, Gender and Power or HIV and Stigma,” explains Ali Johnson, who set up Dorothy last year with Phil Skegg. “The winners were mentored by established UK directors including: Aoife McArdle, Chris Harding from Shynola, Kinga Burza, Paul Andrew Williams and Jim Threapleton. Actors lending their support include Julian Barrett (Mighty Boosh) and Martin Freeman (The Office). Soundtracks were recorded by Young Knives, Chipmunk, Shy Child, Metronomy and Jesca Hoop. The project builds on the success of Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s other cultural collaborations with The Baltic and Vice Magazine.”

Dorothy’s Phil Skegg worked on two of the five posters: 1000 Voices (shown above) and also War School (below)

Dorothy invited different designers to work on some of the posters. James Quail worked on Man Made, and ‘HIV: The Musical,  Craig Oldham and Jordan Stokes (from Music) worked on No Way Through. Dorothy’s Phil Skegg worked on War School and 1000 Voices.


  • Very stylish and hard hitting designs. Would certainly be interested in checking these films out. Everything that film posters should be in my opinion.

    Keep up the good work!


    I feel the exact opposite to the comment above. These posters do nothing to entice me to go and see the films they’re supposed to be advertising. In fact if it weren’t for the headline in the article, I would have had to look very hard to find out they were advertising films at all.

    What a shame for the film makers.

  • Bit of both for me.

    “No Way Through” seems to get lost somewhere in the maze – and I simply moved onto the next one

    “1000 Voices” starts to get some interest – but is the crosssed through 1000 Voices a hint about the number of people killed – in which case, a fairly small way, even if it was disasterous for 1000 people.

    “War School” – brilliantly simple colour play on the division symbol ! ! Love the poster.

    “Man Made” – again brilliantly simple bullet hole. Says a lot with no words.

    “HIV The Musical” – Makes me wonder if it is the HIV version of “Springtime for Hitler” – a must-see event !

    Philip Curnow

  • Awesome posters. Simple yet dramatic themes that get the message across quickly but without being too obvious. Superb.

  • Great bold work, love the red, white and black combinations, very striking.
    I don’t agree with the comments below, these posters are thinking peoples posters, and thus would very much make me want to see the film!
    Well done.

  • abby

    Love all the posters but think the War School and HIV ones are most effective. would love to know where to see the films.