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Posted by Eliza Williams, 26 May 2009, 17:05    Permalink    Comments (6)

La Roux, Bulletproof, directed by The Holograms


Here's a selection of brilliant new music videos that we've spied at CR of late, beginning with this geometric film for La Roux's new single Bulletproof, directed by The Holograms.


Kid606, Mr Wobble's Nightmare, directed by Joel Trussell

Next up is this brilliantly witty animated film by Joel Trussell, for Kid606's Mr Wobble's Nightmare.


Grizzly Bear, Two Weeks, directed by Patrick Daughters


Patrick Daughters brings his creepy touch to bear in this great vid for Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear.


Bob Dylan, Beyond Here Lies Nothin', directed by Nash Edgerton


Nash Edgerton has created this compelling drama (if you ignore the rather dodgy ending) to accompany Bob Dylan's latest, Beyond Here Lies Nothin'.


Magic & Fur, Christine, directed by Duckeye

Directing team Duckeye combined time-lapse photography, stop-motion and compositing in this video for Christine by Magic & Fur.


Harmonic 313, Battlestar, directed by Sixty40


Finally, we end with Sixty40's video for Battlestar by Harmonic 313, which plays with stereoscopic filming techniques. For the full description of how it was shot, click here.


Has anyone seen the new Black Eyed Peas 'Boom Boom Pow' music video? It's pretty stunning. Here's the youtube link
2009-05-27 11:10:51

Not a Promo as such but the Julian Perretta "Ride My Star" Interactive Music Video is good fun.

Here's a link.
Matt Cole
2009-05-27 12:28:04

Ohhw NEW LA ROUX, one for our Delicious. KP
2009-05-27 14:40:25

Boom B
Boom Bo
Boom Boo
Boom Boom
Boom Boom P
Boom Boom Po
Boom Boom Pow
♥♥Copy and paste if you love this song ♥♥
2009-05-27 14:53:38

My band Kids Love Lies had our very first music video made with literally no money at all!

It's made up of over 3000 camera stills and we filmed it over 2 days in various locations in South East London...very DIY!

ellen x

I actually do love that black eyed peas song!!!
2009-05-27 16:19:40

La Roux, Mr Wobble and the Black Eyed Peas all had geometric b/w patterns wrapped around 3d objects. Welcome to the future.
Honest Joe
2009-05-27 23:06:14

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