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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 27 May 2009, 17:19    Permalink    Comments (64)

Ben Terrett over at Noisy Decent Graphics posted some great Olympics-related work by University College Falmouth student, Alan Clarke. Sadly, the proposed posters aren't set to be part of London 2012's official communications program. If only...

Clarke's work also forms part of UCF's new graphic design BA Hons website at




The cycling and sailing versions are my personal favourites. Fantastic work.
2009-05-27 17:32:59

These are beautiful and a million miles away from the 80's flashback nastiness of the core communication. Is it too late to change?
Matt Cole
2009-05-27 18:22:42

Wolff who?
2009-05-27 18:23:25

So where does that ridiculous 2012 logo go?
Sasha Brown
2009-05-27 20:26:48

Lovely work – fortunately not spoiled by that joke of a logo
Julie Oakley
2009-05-27 21:05:38

Amazing work pity the organisers would have the courage to use these. Are prints available to buy? They should be
Richard Michie
2009-05-27 21:58:58

Notice how TFL have refrained from using the infamous Wolf Olins 'Lisa Simpson Blowjob' 2012 Logo...
Stephen P.
2009-05-28 00:19:37

Tennis poster is my favourite – I think there's so much potential in them as a series. Young Mr Clarke was first seen on Bitique I believe ;)
2009-05-28 08:19:41

Awesome. The more abstract Diving and Fencing posters look good to me. Can this guy come up with a new logo as well?
Daniel George
2009-05-28 08:43:58

wow, love them all
2009-05-28 09:22:40

...surely this is the visual equivalent of playing Kraftwerk at the awards ceremeny - only Kraftwerk.
They're fine as far as the obsession with retro-Olympic graphics go. I am glad we have something different, challenging, new, not done before, for London 2012.
2009-05-28 09:50:08

Don't people think these look a little dated/retro - a nod back to Munich '72 etc. Surely we should be pushng forward, not looking backwards? Not that i agree with the official submissions either but a happy medium sort maybe? BUT overall, good efforts from a student - not your typical tripe from art schools.
2009-05-28 10:22:49

Really like them! Although the diving poster reminds me of the Vertigo Records label.
Great work though, love the sailing poster.
2009-05-28 11:10:53

i cannot believe these are on CR...
2009-05-28 15:25:12

Beautifully simple and direct, fantastic communication design.
2009-05-28 16:17:09

These are great designs. This is the kind of graphic design that should be pioneering the 2012 games. Instead, we've got 'that logo'. Am I right in thinking, it was somewhere in the region of £250,000 for the design of that awful logo.

Anyway, Keep up the good work here!
Michael Angrave
2009-05-29 08:48:34

Amazing poster designs! Wish they were being used for 2012!
2009-05-29 09:21:42

zzz. look a bit last minute to me.
David Janes
2009-05-29 10:46:25

Nice, but is this pushing us forward or relying on a classic retro style. I know people lothe the 2012 logo but you have got to admit it is distinctly unique and has high standout from the previous olympic paraphernalia.
P.S. I dont work for Wollf Ollins!
Vicki Legg
2009-05-29 11:20:34

I'm in two minds... but have to agree, in some respects, to David James.
2009-05-29 15:27:30

Amazing! Why oh why don't the top designers get to shine!
Michael Murdoch
2009-06-01 13:27:07

Inspired by Otl Aicher?
2009-06-01 13:28:11

It's some nice work - a definite nod towards Munich in terms of style and grid structure but still fun and full of movement
Matt c
2009-06-01 14:44:31

To be realistic and frank, these posters would never be used, they have already been used. They may look pretty, to us designers or those familiar with design history, or at least olympic poster history, but they ooze of immitation and lack honest originality. They look as though someone got a bit trigger-happy with the blend tool and the "style" of previous generations.

I assume that the designer may have had his reasons for the way they look etc, but these posters have already been done and used (19, it doesn't make sense to repeat what we've saw before, particularly for the same scenario, the Olympics.
Youssef Sarhan
2009-06-01 17:05:11

I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but the Diving poster bares an extremely close resemblance to the Vertigo Records symbol.
Simon Heaton
2009-06-01 17:42:50

its no good for print, sorry
2009-06-01 19:28:50

Lovely stuff, but i agree with the retro comments.

And what a bore that everyone is still moaning about the new logo. The brand launch from Matt Pike last year was excellent and can't wait to see more.

Move on, move forward. Stop looking to the past all the time.
2009-06-02 07:19:56

These posters remind me of the old Olympics games I had on my Commodore 64!
Adam Parker
2009-06-02 08:11:14

So are we saying that graphic solutions that are metaphorical or poetic representations of a notion (e.g. speed, grace, height) is a bad thing because it's been done before?

p.s. I'd love to hear Kraftwerk played at the awards ceremony, or failing that Earl Brutus' England Sandwich.
craig b
2009-06-02 19:02:32

great design, perfect colours
2009-06-03 07:35:15

So are we saying that graphic solutions that are metaphorical or poetic representations of a notion (e.g. speed, grace, height) is a bad thing because it's been done before?

p.s. I'd love to hear Kraftwerk played at the awards ceremony, or failing that Earl Brutus' England Sandwich.
craig b
2009-06-03 10:03:07

Beautiful, simple and bold, love them.

Nothing Like the Aicher Olympic posters (apart from their relation to the Olympics)

Why wouldn't these work with the logo? Simple abstract shapes.
2009-06-03 15:54:27

72? yes.
2009-06-08 09:10:02

Liked the one blue visualization very much.. Very good true someone in above forums said it actually reminds of old Olympics
Web design UK
2009-08-22 12:37:37

This is exactly the sort of thing I was expecting for the Olympics... Excellent. Shame about the logo.
Martyn Does Website Design
2009-09-25 16:35:57

Beautifully simple and direct, fantastic communication design.
nuoc hoa
2009-10-13 09:15:38

I love the composition, perefectly executed!
2009-10-14 11:52:32

Is it Wim Crouwel or is it Tom Eckersley?
They are beautifully derivative. And yes that diving logo is so derivative it's a straight copy of the Vertigo Logo designed in 1969 by Linda Nicol, (née Glover).
I did attend the LCP way back in the late 70's and I'm afraid to say we were doing the very same then. I suppose what goes round comes round.

Having said all that they are very clean, simple and well crafted.
Jonathan Madden
2009-10-20 13:44:19

This says London games much better than what we have currently for the 2012 branding, classic, refined and most of all good to look at.

I'd buy these and put them up in my house, I wouldn't do that with any of the "official" 2012 branding.
2009-10-20 14:26:23

This is a very nice work. Already seen language, but crafted supremely. Bravo.
Thank you for sharing.
2009-10-20 15:11:14

It's some nice work - a definite nod towards Munich in terms of style and grid structure but still fun and full of movement
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2009-10-27 08:46:46

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2009-12-14 12:05:46

Beautiful olimpic logos, witn nice colors! Grat!
Orbán Tamás
2010-01-12 23:50:23

Amazing poster design, how long did you take to creat all this, I like the tennis post, its creative and related to tennis game.
Logo Design
2010-04-01 08:00:00

Im really into these, great colours and beautifully simple!
web design preston
2010-06-18 15:05:49

these have made it onto the cr blog really?

i must agree with david james to the last minute-ness. lazily derivative i think made clear by the clear dilution of quality when applied across the range
David W.
2010-06-22 16:37:40

the sailing one wins it for me, but for me it's just the best of a bad bunch. the tennis one gets worse the longer you look at it.

lazy. tired. derivative, with no hint of an original idea in any of them.

2010-06-29 10:37:02

Just awesome!!!
Great job!
George Strouzas
2010-09-06 17:25:59

Sucj a shame these are not being used. Will be comparing the 'real' ones with this, superb work
Tom Budden
2010-09-13 13:03:40

There is some thought that went into these, obviously. :) Well done!
flag poles
2010-10-12 19:45:46

Like those a lot!
2010-10-20 13:06:00

Seriously love them!!!
2010-12-02 22:05:00

Diving posting is pretty cool.
Web Design Leads
2011-04-20 17:18:09

Nice designs, some are a little boring though.
web design bristol
2011-06-13 16:43:17

Designs are a little different.....I would normally say boring, but things like the sailing and tennis i think are pretty cool
2011-08-01 23:09:52

Plain and simple. Very nice :)
Web Design Bristol
2011-08-17 12:01:53

I loved these at the time, and now I've seen the official ones, I love them even more. What a shame we have Tracey Emin instead of these.
Chris Leonard
2011-11-05 08:26:05

Breathtaking, I'd say the diving one could get you hypnotized if you kept looking at it for to long.
Web design London
2012-01-19 14:55:28

Really simple and effective! I must say the sailing one is my favorite.
SEO Preston
2012-02-01 21:41:05

Great design. The diving one is my favourite but they are all brill.
Mark Mitchell
2012-11-20 19:00:04

I'm a sucker for abstract art, so the fencing poster wins for me. Great concepts all round though, really impressive.
2012-11-20 21:32:13

The fencing one stands out to me. Really effective and simple designs
Adrian Smith
2013-05-19 16:13:00

I do not agree with the comments saying that these posters were made out of laziness.
One can see that there was thought behind these posters cause it gives you emotion when you look at them and they communicate what sport they are attached too.
These posters are clean,simple,effective and clear.
Definitely better than the olympics branding we had.When you look at the original branding,it does not communicate clearly.
2013-11-01 12:13:35

I know these are old now but I still think they have a lot of power behind them!
2014-05-09 10:13:00

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