Distill on your iPhone

The latest issue of Distill, the magazine that aggregates content from style magazines around the world, is to be released as an iPhone app

distill_0.jpg - Distill on your iPhone - 1943

The latest issue of Distill, the magazine that aggregates content from style magazines around the world, is to be released as an iPhone app.

Tha app replaces the printed magazine for this issue.

As with previous print issues, the Distill app features fashion and art photography from around the world. Contributing magazines include: A Magazine, Acne Paper, Big Man, Dansk, Exit, Fashion Tale, Hercules, Huge, Interview, Lemon, Man About Town, Men’s File, Muse, Numero, Please, Ponytail, The Room, Rubbish, S Mag, Sang Bleu, Sleek, Slurp, Soon, Swallow, Tokion, V, Volt, Vice, WAD, Wound, and Zink.

Here’s a clip of it in action:

A lot of magazines are currently scrambling to ‘do an app’, some because they believe it represents a genuine opportunity, some just because, well, everyone else is doing one. Distill’s content would seem to lend itself well to the format. The app provides not just imagery but also information on what inspired it and credits. For art directors, it provides a handy does of inspiration and the images, at least in the demo, appear to work well on the backlit screen.

Certainly the fact that users are willing and able to pay for content via iPhone apps has a lot of publishers excited. It also appeals to sponsors who are willing to pay more to be associated with an app than they would to run ads on a website – the Distill app is sponsored by Swatch and was developed by ustwo™.

It’s available here


  • Great way to pass the time waiting for the train, and hopefully better than my google reader iphone app at loading images.

  • ya.this is nice thought from distill.

  • James Villa

    it’s a nice looking app but as far as making use of the available technology on the iphone not so great. Creative Review has to get with it and stop featuring websites and other technologies that mimic print and start to really explore what’s innovative out there. I stopped my subscription for this reason and now only buy once I have thumbed through the magazine. It’s so print centric it really does not reflect the creative landscape of today.

  • Jo Stubbs

    The interesting thing about this app is that it uses the print medium as a resource but that the app absolutely doesn’t doesn’t mimic magazines. It has a delightfully simple structure and you get the inspiration without any gimmicks. For my money it’s one of the smartest apps out there, and for a few quid REALLY USEFUL FOR CREATIVES OF ALL DISCIPLINES.

  • I downloaded this app and it’s quite impressive..gotta love technology!

    So glad I didn’t grow up in the early 1900’s

  • Nigel Palin

    $5 for what is a glorified PDF reader, come on reaching a little don’t you think. Mind you should suit the old guard Creative Review readers that are hanging onto the good ol days of print design. The only positive thing here is that this is actually represents something to do with technology rather than the latest featured calendar, penguin re-design series or some more of the latest in print.

  • Andy

    How much is it?

  • Sounds like a great idea, and something that I might interested in – if I had an iPhone. It’s a shame Distill is literally replacing its print magazine just to jump on the app bandwagon because it successfully alienates any of its readership who don’t have an iPhone.