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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 3 November 2009, 10:26    Permalink    Comments (25)

The Champions League has a spanky new font family, courtesy of Fontsmith and Radiant Studios...

Commissioned by creative agency Radiant Studios, Fontsmith were charged with updating the UEFA Champions League typeface which featured a weighty, traditional serif face - similar to that used in the organisation's logotype - which has been in use for 12 years (and which continues to be used)

Above: the logo is unchanged

"We needed to come up with something bespoke that complimented the existing logo and graphics, and we played around with several possibilities: sans serif, serif, brushstroke," says Fontsmith's Jason Smith. "By far the strongest and most striking part of the existing imagery was the ball suggested by a pattern of stars. We kept returning to this and explored the angles on the points of the stars to see if we could incorporate them into the letterforms."

The finished font is a modern, slightly quirky sans serif which comes in regular, bold and a condensed headline weight - all exclusive to UEFA to be used across all communications - printed and onscreen. From now on it will be the numerals of this typeface that appear on the onscreen clock of Champions League games.





I prefertha old one
2009-11-03 12:00:12

old font is a lot better, this 1 is no good
Fabio Ferdanza
2009-11-03 12:16:50

me too! the old one was better
2009-11-03 12:17:19

I prefer the new one but probably won't notice...
Mr Omneo
2009-11-03 12:25:40

I think it is a step in the right direction the old serif font signify's age and the typeface is a enriched take of general modernization
Mr Rzymski
2009-11-03 12:36:50

Would be interested to see the new logo with the new font... Does it stay upper-case?
2009-11-03 13:29:38

Definitely a good move, it's nice too see something bespoke being commissioned.
2009-11-03 13:41:37

I think the Fontsmith fonts are all really nice, just wish I could buy more of them.
2009-11-03 13:53:11

Old one much better
2009-11-03 13:56:00

I think the old really shows a lot of tradition and class. The new font is very clean and modern. Both are excellent fonts. I agree with most of the comments and like the classy, traditional font a little better but can also see where the league is seeking a more modern look.
2009-11-03 14:18:14

This is a great new font. It has within it a sprung energy and compactness, relevant to any sporting activity.
I think they have produced a classic.
Michael Sinclair
2009-11-03 15:16:16

The thing is with the champions league is that you hear that music and think wow - it is so classic and so grand. The old logo whilst perhaps not as contemporary and stylish really got this 'grandness' over. Sometimes classic is better. Having said that, it is still a lovely font.
2009-11-03 16:06:39

Guardian Newspaper??
2009-11-03 16:53:30

Time to move forwards, fontsmith has done a sterling job.

Good to see a client invest the time and money into developing a typographic identity.
2009-11-04 03:14:42

Yeah, in agreement with Freddesign, its the Champions League, not any old tournament... The old one had a sentimental quality to it. The new one is really well put together, but there's something very "Barclaycard" about it. Might have to see it in motion... Fifa haven't really done so well with their recent re/designs either... Interesting seeing whats going on with sports related graphic design lately...
2009-11-04 07:44:16

@ all readers

Due to a misunderstanding, we thought that Fontsmith had, as well as creating a new Champions League typeface, also created a new logotype for the organisation. It hasn't. The logo remains the same. Apologies for the confusion.
CR Gavin Lucas
2009-11-04 10:34:22

It has a very dynamic look about it, it looks good.
2009-11-04 16:03:59

they didn't mess with the logo so the classic nature is preserved. The new typeface adds that needed touch of modernity -- well done. Headlines version is great. I will second that comment about it being somewhat 'Barclaycard' though......... the tournament needs to do something to separate itself from the they've caught up in stature in recent years imo
2009-11-05 01:55:10

The 'C' in the logotype really bothers me, is it serif, sans or a half each? It all looks a bit odd to me.

Although it's not changing, maybe Fontsmith should have been giving an opportunity to redraw the logotype too!

Like the new typeface though, as with all of their commissioned work I can see it functioning well for it's perfect. Think it could have kept a bit of the logotype's character (even though I'm not sure whether I like) for unity's sake.
2009-11-05 11:27:54

I think this new typeface brings a classy, modern-touch - the old looked slightly outdated, whereas the new one seems more sleek and dynamic which is fitting with the sporting brand. Definitely good to have a fresh change every so often; other aspects of the brand remain the same and are time-less, so not too much of the classic nature is lost.
Cassie Pryce
2009-12-08 14:20:17

I like the way it rolls up and down and resonates, yet it's still a good, strong face, bit fat in places me thinks, but I think it is appropriate for this sporty brand. it's not dead modern yet its not stuffy, but it looks established.
2009-12-08 14:51:21

Just noticed blog title, thought that would be the font for me. I do prefer it t the old one, particuarly in regular the others seem to chunky.
Benedict Champion Stevenson
2009-12-08 17:17:49

People should read the article correctly before commenting.
2009-12-08 17:24:48

give a download link pls
2012-07-20 23:04:26

Please someone tell me that what type of font is this? Give me the exact font name or give the url link Please...........!!!!!!
2014-09-03 02:19:01

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