SOPHIE: A Dark Angel

Leeds-based agency Propaganda has produced a haunting animated short in tribute to Sophie Lancaster, the young Goth who was kicked and beaten to death by a mob in August 2007 in Bacup, Lancashire…

Leeds-based agency Propaganda has produced a haunting animated short in tribute to Sophie Lancaster, the young Goth who was kicked and beaten to death by a mob in August 2007 in Bacup, Lancashire…

The two minute animated film (still shown above) – which depicts Sophie and her boyfriend being viciously attacked, simply because of the way they dressed – is a collaboration between Propaganda, French illustrator and animator Fursy Teyssier, band Portishead (whose track Roads provides a suitably emotive soundtrack) MTV, and make-up company Illamasqua – who fully funded it. The high profile make-up brand has supported the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (SOPHIE) since it launched last November. As well as selling its black SOPHIE eye pencils and the charity’s wristbands, it also uses every opportunity to promote the key message of SOPHIE: Stamp Out Prejudice, Intolerance and Hatred, Everywhere – hence the commissioning of this film.

“Impact was our main objective,” says Propaganda’s Mark Williams, “as well as creating a film that highlighted the effect ignorance and violence can have on individuals lives. The decision to use such a moving track brings the film to life and creates a rush of emotion felt by all. We have worked with some fantastic people to make this happen and I would like to thank all those who have contributed to help such an important cause.”

As well as appearing on the Illamasqua and SOPHIE websites, SOPHIE: A Dark Angel will be projected in an ongoing loop in Manchester’s Cathedral Gardens from dusk this evening (26th November). It would have been Sophie’s 23rd birthday. The film will also be shown at various times on MTV over the next two weeks.


Title: Dark Angel
Agency: Propaganda
Client: The Sophie Lancaster Fopundation/Illamasqua
Writer / creative director: Mark Williams
Illustrator / animator / director: Fursy Teyssier


  • Lee

    A truly hideous and horrendous story, yet told with such beauty.


  • Saw this on the news here in the UK last night, I was shocked by the story but was very proud of what the girls mother did and how she was turning such a negitive into a positive

    great story.

  • when will the prejudice end and when will difference be embraced… it’s heartbreaking. RIP Sophie

  • Emma

    Great that action is being taken. The video is very emotional, creating an impact that will help raise awareness. Great work.

  • I have added it onto my blog now to help raise awareness.

  • Very good that action that was taken. I’ve was recently talking about this vid with friends.

  • Brighton Bill

    When i recently ran my pub in Baildon, West Yorkshire, a few “Gophes” used to come in and drink on a Sunday Night, they thought that their appearance would put me off them and not allow it, completely not, what a lovely crowd, lovely people, “Never ever judge a book by it’s cover” everybody is entitled to their say, be your own person. What a very very sad case this is, it’s such a shame we have mindless morons out there who have half a brain and can’t even use that properly, my heart goes out to the familys affected by this tragic event and all their friends, peace and love to you all.

  • Just seen the video, very emotional, great work, brought back memories of the horrendous event.

  • Terrible Story – hopefully the video helped to raise awareness – I remember hearing about nthe attack on the news

  • Great story although very sad. Remember hearing about this :(

  • Great piece of work and what an emotional story beautifully scripted and told.

  • very sad i know, but love how the choice in song really fits the mood of the work.

  • Very emotional, great work, such a tragic event.

  • Horrible story, great pierce of work though

  • Marcella

    I have never heard about the Sophie Lancaster story before viewing this piece so at first I was pretty confused. Who is the fist ghost watching it all happen? Did Sophie’s boyfriend die too? Why did they get beaten up? When it all came together I felt a serious rush of sadness and somewhat fear. After watching it a second time and understanding it better I could feel the tragedy hitting hard from the very beginning. This brings me to look at my actions and myself. I am someone who does not portray any aspect of a “gothic” look, however I know I have judged him or her in the past. We should never ever judge a book by its cover. Just because someone looks or dresses differently than you does not mean they deserve any more or any less than you. This was a truly emotional and touching advertisement. It does its job well and it even got my curious enough to go look at the Dark Angel eyeliner collection as well. I feel for Sophie and her family.