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From Static to Silence


Posted by Mark Sinclair, 2 October 2009, 9:26    Permalink    Comments (8)

Rupert Nightingale's beautiful photographs of Icelandic landscapes are to be shown at theprintspace gallery in east London from October 8-28...

The series From Static to Silence documents Nightingale's journey to the rhyolite hills of Landmannalaugar in Iceland during August last year. 

Landmannalaugar is an area of hot springs, set in a plain between a glacial river and the front of a fifteenth-century lava flow, and surrounded by obsidian and rhyolite mountains.

From Static to Silence is on at theprintspace gallery from October 8-28, with a private view (open to the public) on October 7. theprintspace is at 74 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DL. More details at

More of Nightingale's large scale photography can be found at


I came across another set of pictures from Iceland which i also found rather beautiful - here:
2009-10-02 10:50:37

This is why I've always wanted to visit Iceland - absolutely beautiful.
Mark Bell
2009-10-02 12:16:19

Yeah - I've travelled a lot, went to Iceland myself in 2004, and i maintain it is the most beautiful country in the world...
2009-10-02 12:37:19

The full series of images from Rupert's exhibition are now online at
Kevin Martin
2009-10-02 13:04:50

incredible, at first I thought picture one was a montage faked together from lots of shots of different mountains.
you can stare at them for hours! nice work.
richard Tilley
2009-10-02 13:06:42

Dreamscape. The most compelling landscape I know.
Katy McDevitt
2009-10-02 13:33:32

Beautiful. If your into that kind of thing of course.
action man
2009-10-02 17:40:00

What a stunning landscape to capture, and how well this was achieved! So colourful and textured.
2009-10-11 10:14:25

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