Pirates’ We Like Colour film

Pirates collective has created a rather tasty film for the Central Illustration Agency called We Like Colour. It’s a timelapse recording of the six strong team creating an enormous, colour-loving mural. Click through to watch it

pirates388_0.jpg - Pirates' We Like Colour film - 1909

Pirates collective has created a rather tasty film for the Central Illustration Agency called We Like Colour. It’s a timelapse recording of the six strong team creating an enormous, colour-loving mural. Click through to watch it…

CIA represent the work of Jimi Crayon and he happens to head up the Pirates crew. The film, which took two days to complete, features the talents of Alfa, Jamie Brown, Jiggery Pokery, Mr P, Stika and Mr Crayon himself. 

More at Pirates’ blog, here and Central Illustration Agency’s site is here.

Concept by Jimi Crayon, Ben Cox and Alicja McCarthy. Creative Direction by Jimi Crayon. Filmed and produced by Stereofarms Dave Graham at SPRING 69. Filmed at The Village Underground in London. The music is Stare into the Sun by Graffiti 6.

  • Love love love it! It’s got to be one of the most exciting projects we’ve done this year.

  • from around the wizzle

    fantastic work and video

  • Nice final result :)

  • Victoria Nam

    NO I LOVE LOVE LOVE this… great job… an absolutely gorgeous evolution.

  • wow! cool!
    Brilliant way of conveying how you can create something by producing a lot then fine-tuning/eliminating/cutting, then just obliterating it all, back to a void.

  • Rebecca


  • Aly

    NOOOO. They destroyed it.

  • levon

    yeah! final result is the best part))

  • bob

    im getting really bored of seeing the same videos – this has been done thousands of times, totally un-original and pretty boring – music sucked, some of the work was amateur – helping me come to a growing conclusion that the central illustration agency is a photocopy dull AD pusher that churns out gash as inspiring as the repetitive massive advert banner on the creative review website. stop choking us all

  • hey bobby, what do you have that’s so good to warrant such a negative response towards the agency?

  • James

    Very Cool

  • bob

    its a blog

  • I don’t know why Bob thinks this was done a1000 times, we did it once bobby! maybe our PIRATES youtube page is stuck on repeat again and you literally are watching OUR video again and again without realizing! i’ll get my friend edward to come round and have a look if you like, he’s good with computers…
    I had a lot of fun making this film and apologise sincerely for making you so terrifyingly angry, and am equally sorry for choking you and all your friends with it, or maybe the end bit was just a literal cry for help, maybe whilst you were sitting in your pants conjuring up your comment, one of the other slightly more open people that use positivity to push things forward rather than negativity to bring things to a full stop crept up behind you and proceeded to strangle you, i do hope this is not the case, if your still there, getting strangled, see if you can reach the keyboard and let us know your ok…or at least try and tap your address in (or maybe just your postcode, i have an iphone with imap) and i’ll come to help. P.S we’re planning a lot more of these Bob so maybe buy a gas mask, just to be safe!! all my love JIMI CRAYON of the PIRATES and CIA x x

  • Aly

    ohhh- Bob got owned

  • sTEReofaRmER

    bobby…you got SPANKED!! Jimi rode you like a pedigree pony! Awesome art/video with a cracking tune! Lets have some more x

  • John Instruct

    That video just put a massive smile on my face, the reply from Jimi is the icing on the cake!

    Great video and execution!

  • bob

    i dont like your work because i have seen this type of video too many times, simple. I am bored with the CIA choking me, ‘the reader’ and my colleagues with OTT CIA ads. You dont like my opinion and you want my address? Nice one Pal do you think this blog is just for praise?…. lets move on to the next current thread, im sure i wont be seeing your videos again. ciao x

  • Not at all Bob, you know what, I think you’d be great at a dinner party, do you like fish pie? It’s my favourite!
    I’ll give you a bell when I next make it. I mean I know your hard to impress but my fish pie is much much better than my artwork and i’m sure i’ll sure we’ll be mates after you’ve tasted it, i’ll make sure I remove all the bones from the salmon as I know your prone to choking (by the way, have you seen a doctor about that, you might have a pube caught in your throat like in that episode of curb your enthusiasm. you must like that program, its all about complaining, have you seen that episode??) anyway mate, have a nice day, see you next week some time

    all the best, Jimi x x x

  • hahahahahah bob mate, you just got served a slice of jimi’s fish pie!! hahahah
    by the way bob all you have to do is type your blog/website address in so we can all see what an amazing artist you are and way too good to be signed to CIA one of the most successful and well respected agencies in the world. not to mention well equipped with an arsenal of incredible artists from allover the world. Quite clearly they’ve over looked you as they arent kicking your door down begging you to sign. So go on mate just drop the link on here and we can all see how good you are…go on..I dare ya!
    Or maybe instead you will think before typing?
    Either way mate

  • wow! totally awesome, loved the music, loved the art and totally loved the devil may care atittud… thanks for such a wondeful video :)

  • Mary Beaty

    Just worked it out Bob, you’re a builder, no wonder you don’t appreciate fine art and music (pull up your pants Bob you’re showing your crack.