UK Music Video Award Winners

Shynola’s animated vid for Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing picked up the coveted Video of the Year award at this year’s UK MVAs

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Strawberry Swing for Coldplay, directed by Shynola


The winners of this year’s UK MVAs were announced last night at a gala ceremony in London last night, with Shynola‘s animated vid for Coldplay’s Strawberry Swing picking up the coveted Video of the Year award…


Shynola picked up the top gong, as well as the awards for Best Animation and Best Rock Video, despite courting controversy with the promo. Since its release, the directing team has faced accusations of completing the video in post rather than by hand as claimed, as well as of plagiarism (a claim rounded refuted by Shynola via the medium of pdf). Still, in a year where surprising or ambitious videos were a little thin on the ground, it is surely a worthy winner.


The other big awards went to Martin de Thurah, who won the Best Director Award; David Wilson, who picked up the Best New Director Award; Tim Nash, who won Best Commissioner; Malachy McAnenny, who won Best Producer; and Carole Burton-Fairbrother, who won the Outstanding Achievement Award. The Icon Award went to director Dawn Shadforth.


And here are the other winners in full…

Best Pop Video: Will Young – Changes
Director: Martin de Thurah
Producer: Liz Kessler
Prod co: Academy Films
Commissioner: James Hackett


Best Indie/Alternative Video: Department of Eagles – No One Does It Like You
Directors: Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama
Exec Producer: Lana Kim
Prod co: The Directors Bureau
Commissioner: Simon Halliday


Best Dance Video: The Presets – If I Know You
Director: Eva Husson
Producer: Mourad Belkeddar
Prod co: El Niño
Commissioner: Glen Goetze


Best Urban Video: Wiley – Cash In My Pocket
Director: Kim Gehrig
Producer: Dom Thomas
Prod co: Academy Films
Commissioner: Tim Nash


Best International Video: Lady Gaga – Paparazzi
Director: Jonas Akerlund
Producer: Steven Johnson
Prod co: Serial Pictures
Commissioner: Nicole Erlich


Best Budget Video (Pop, Dance, Urban): Speech Debelle – The Key
Director: Anthony Dickenson
Prod co: Pulse Films
Commissioner: Martin Dobson


Best Budget Video (Rock, Indie, Alternative): Moray McLaren – We Got Time
Director: David Wilson
Producer: James Bretton
Prod co: BlinkInk/Colonel Blimp
Commissioner: Bart Yates


Best Art Director: Tom Gander for Sway by The Kooks, click here to view
Director: Marco Puig
Producer: Oliver Goodrum
Prod co: Amarillo


Best Styling: Aldene Johnson for Drumming by Florence & The Machine, click here to view
Director: Dawn Shadforth
Producer: Cindy Burnay
Prod co: Black Dog Films


Best Cinematography: Lasse Frank for Flowers And Football Tops by Glasvegas, click here to view
Director: Martin de Thurah
Producer: Liz Kessler
Prod co: Academy Films


Best Telecine: Paul Harrison at Moving Picture Company for Candy by Paolo Nutini
Director: Nez
Producer: Georgina Filmore
Prod co: Colonel Blimp


Best Editing: Tom Lindsay for Falling Down by Oasis
Director: WIZ
Producer: Ben Cooper
Prod co: Factory Films


Best Visual Effects: Johan Drehn and Martin de Thurah for Flowers And Football Tops by Glasvegas, click here to view
Director: Martin de Thurah
Producer: Liz Kessler
Prod co: Academy Films


Best Music Ad (TV or online): Ministry of Sound – Chilled album
Director: John Le Bear
Prod co: Fold7
Commissioner: Ministry of Sound


Best Live Music Coverage: McFly – Radio:Active: Live At Wembley
Director: Paul Caslin
Producer: Audrey Davenport
Commissioner: Richard Rasuman
Prod co: JJ Stereo


The Innovation Award: Oasis – Dig Out Your Soul In The Streets
Director: The Malloys
Commissioner: Emma Greengrass
Prod co: HSI


  • Tom

    I’m kind of disappointed that Depeche Mode didin’t get up there. They get little recognition.

  • inma

    I agree with you Tom. DEPECHE MODE is one of the best groups in any style of music and all the History of Music and they never get awards…only Britney, Cristina, Madonna, U2, and now Lady Gaga…and some of these are awfull, not U2 or Madonna, of course. But Lady Gaga is not better than DM, she is only about 2 years in music and she has awards…only because she dresses very nude and shows her ugly body…
    DEPECHE MODE is the best one….
    I hate bad groups which gets awards, people who gives awards are Wrong
    best wishes for DM from Spain


  • Sakis

    Guys – these awards are for music videos – not the bands they’re for.

    Having said that, Patrick Daughters’s video ‘Wrong’ for Depeche Mode was far superior than the one he got an award for.

    Also, is that the best dance video out there? I love the Presets, but this looks like a cheesy trailer for Billy Elliot

  • The Ministry of Sound Commercial feaured here is not actually the one that one.

    You can see the ad that won here:

  • Re: The above comment.

    The link has now been fixed. Thanks CR.

  • pablo

    I was surprised Royksopp didn’t get much attention:

  • Buddy N

    How depressing…is that the best we’ve got ? Could barely stay awake !!
    Some title sequences have more to offer.

  • dan

    Shynola have taken the whole ‘lie on the ground’ thing further than most, but it’s still not hugely original. [Comment deleted by moderator]
    Sally Stevens’ video done about 6years ago:

  • aDMirer

    I am also disappointed about the results on the nominated Depeche Mode´s video. Really a great job, great visual effects, and I completely disagree that “Wrong” deserved nothing. However, love and devotion of public is the best reward and the most important recognition for an artist. You can have 2000 awards but no guarantee to have, to maintain and to increase the amy of devotees 25 years after you came on stage. Another warmest regard to guys from Spain.

  • what a disgrace ‘Wrong’ depeche mode was by far the best video a classic but the old adage ‘ if your face fits’ and unfortunately theirs obviously doesn’t. who will it be next year bloody Susan Boyle skipping through Edinburgh no doubt!!!!!

  • adrian

    i,m not totaly suprised that depeche didnt win an award for what is another outstanding video, they never do and probably never will, thats fine by me, leave the awards to the mainstream, most of its crap anyway, an depeche have been swimming against the tide for years, and they are still one of the worlds biggest bands with or without an award, so be it, a cool band doesnt need awards to say they are good or to prove they are good, depeche are head and shoulders above the rest, they just do what they do, and do it very well, i couldnt give a toss about awards, thats for the studio execs and the easilly led easilly pleased POP fan!!! robbie williams is a talantless cock, and lady ga ga ga ga ga, is a madona clone, both dreamt up by lazy studio execs! i could go on, but there is far too much of that rubbish to mention!! thanks, a dude from york, england!!