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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 4 September 2009, 11:38    Permalink    Comments (8)

Our very own graduate show, featuring work from the six creative talents profiled in the current issue, has just opened at the Mother agency in London. Why not take Tom Lovell's advice (shown) and cheer youself up by popping in...

The show is open to the public from 2pm until 5pm on weekdays until next Thursday, 10 September. The work is displayed in the foyer of Mother – in their appropriately named Downstairs at Mother space.

We've just had a quick look round at the newly installed work.

Alongside Lovell's graphic cri de coeur, Mark Boardman (a graduate of University College Falmouth) is showing several of his book covers and posters, including some of his fantastic original paintings:

James Callahan and Joe Kiers, who met at the University of Leeds, have gone a step further and installed themselves in the exhibition (well, some handsome replicas anyway). Both are being sustained in their quest to stick around in the industry through large quantities of Pepsi (see top)...

Here they are close up. Just noticed the wall-mounted catheter – something for Dragon's Den?

Tomomi Sayuda (a graduate of London College of Communication) has installed her brilliant iBum in the space, too. It's a chair that, when sat upon, takes a scan of the sitter's behind, then provides a colour printout for them to take away. (The sign kindly notifies potential bum-copiers that demonstrations will take place between 3pm and 5pm).

Sayuda has also brought her sound sculpture, Life Tree, to the show as well (you place the eggs on the branches to make the sounds):

Ravensbourne graduate Eilin Bergum is displaying a large selection of her tactile pieces (in which there are quiffs aplenty) in the gallery space:

And, finally, Kingston University's Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth are showing their HP Workstation film – which you can view online, here – as a projection onto one of the gallery's walls.

The projector will be up and running by now; these headphones were, temptingly, hanging by in readiness...

CR subscribers can see more of each of the graduate's work in their CR profiles, linked below, and of course, on their own websites.


Mark Boardman –

James Callahan and Joe



Matt Robinson and Tom,

Mother London is based at the Biscuit Building, 10 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DD. The gallery of graduate work is open 2pm to 5pm on weekdays until 10 September


One of those reminds me a lot of
2009-09-04 13:53:05

I am liking James Callahan and Joe Kiers work, remind me of aliens. They could have made a statement and tapped themselves up! Going to have to grab one of my air friends and get down to have a look.
Art Smith
2009-09-04 15:44:03

still cant stop watching Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworths video - heard a lot of good things about kingston - stella work
2009-09-05 11:25:46

yerp i agree wid luke the project of dummies taped to the wall is basicailly a copy of MAurizio Cattelans work im all for adapting ideas but seems to be a excact copy fe if there was a whole wall of ppl taped to the wall in a society representation it would be cool, but i truly just think its a poor attempt of ridin off someone elses work. plain plaigirism
2009-09-06 15:50:19

it's a shame that the work is poorly documented for this blog entry.
2009-09-07 12:25:03

congrats to graduats, both in and out of the show.
definite visual similarities to the taped busniess man, but its a wider phenomnem, so cant call it plagairism. would i say plgiarism of Pciasso to use 'paint'.. because"so did Leonardo".
where can i buy an ibum???
2009-09-08 00:36:20

Very cool!!
art online
2009-09-15 11:36:51

Love Eilin's work. Great illustrations. Quiffs aplenty is always good!
I agree the show could have been documented better.
2009-09-20 12:38:32

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