Hairy type

This hirsute bit of lettering was created by Chris Davenport using Nodebox, another in the increasing number of ‘digital sketchbooks’ available to designers

This hirsute bit of lettering was created by Chris Davenport using Nodebox, another in the increasing number of ‘digital sketchbooks’ available to designers

The piece was first uploaded onto our Feed section. Intrigued, I asked Davenport to explain a bit more about how he did it.

“Well basically Nodebox is a bit like Processing in that it’s a digital sketch book for playing with code, but it uses a language called Python,” he explains. “It’s not as flexible as Processing, and is mainly used to create static images and the occasional animation that can be exported in vector format.”

“Nodebox is really accessible and very easy to pick up and fiddle with, it’s aimed mainly at designers like myself who don’t have vast programming experience,” he continues. “I managed to do it in a day after never using Python before. It’s all well documented on the Nodebox site and there’s a community that helps with problems.

As a way of learning Python, Davenport created code to generate hairy type which he then used in a T-shirt design (above). “I was playing around with the different libraries and managed to combine a colour library that creates realistic colour palettes from one hex value and a library that allows you to import .svg images to manipulate with code,” he says. “I combined this with a snippet of code I found in the gallery section. There are variables that effect how the hair grows so I substituted a few of them with max and min values to create sliders so people can grab the code and have a play.”

So, in the spirit of open sourcing, anyone who wants to have a go at creating their own hairy type can play with Davenport’s code by downloading from here. Send us your best efforts and we will include them on the Blog or, better yet, upload them to Feed

  • Schnabz

    That t-shirt is cool. Topshop would be all over that! Sure it’s way more complex than Davenport is making out, but i’ll give it a try. Nice story CR! Gonna pass on the ‘ginge’ pic to my sister.

  • Fantastic hairy type

  • topshop indeed

  • Okay, that is insane and I love it with loads of lovely love. It amakes me think of some of Nick Cave’s more hirsute Soundsuit offerings. (No, not THAT Nick Cave.) And also? Chewbacca!

  • Fran

    Love it. On a similar vein, this is pretty awesome also. Sean Freeman, hotshot fancy typographer, did a fat’n’fuzzy typeface using processing. Worth a gander.

  • That looks seriously awesome, looks like it might be hard to get to look right if you were to try to do it on your own… but cool stuff nonetheless.

  • I’m amazed at the quality of that. It seems like it would be difficult to accomplish. I’ve heard a lot about Nodebox and cant wait to give it a try. Thanks for the coolness!

  • Hairy type… what a great effect! Nodebox looks like an interesting application, it would be great to see what other effects you can create.

  • it is a really interesting concept – but one that has been approached before. I saw an amazing font created from hair at an LCC MA show a few years ago – it was really incredible. Saying that though I really like how this has been interpreted and used on different media, and yeah, the quality is outstanding.

  • Does anyone have the code to this? Looks like he took it off his website… or I just could not find it. Thanks!

  • Should be back now

  • Mael

    Where can I purchase this font? I would like to use it for personal use.