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Wallpaper* vs Victorinox

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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 29 September 2009, 10:30    Permalink    Comments (10)

Wallpaper* has collaborated with Victorinox - makers of the world-famous Swiss Army pocket knives - to produce three limited edition knives that feature designs by artists James Joyce, Jamie Cullen (the Brighton-based artist, as opposed to Jamie Cullum the Jazz musician) and by Wallpaper*. The knives, limited to just 100 of each design, look jolly nice so we thought we'd share some images here...

All three boxes

All three knives

Above: Wallpaper's knife

This is artist Jamie Cullen's knife

And James Joyce's knife...

The knives, which launched last week during The London Design Festival, cost £70 and are available from Victorinox's Bond Street store in London. More details can be found here


I like Wallpaper's one the best
2009-09-29 14:55:32

Jamie Cullen rocks!
2009-09-29 16:12:52

The knife- one of the "handbag essentials" unsung heroes alongside Jimmy Choo knuckle duster and LV monogrammed mace can holder. Not feeling it at all.
Gemma Germains
2009-10-01 12:26:36

Love it, love it, love it. These knifes are great, designs are cool and Victorinox make quality knifes. Would love to have one.
2009-10-01 23:03:16

I have always loved the work of James Joyce and what I love most about his design is the fact that he incorporated the victorinox's logo. I'm surprised it didn't have to feature on all three of the designs.
Matt Jagger
2009-10-06 14:19:52

Other side of the knife Matt. I presume all 3 have it on.
James Greenfield
2009-10-09 13:48:41

They do all feature victorinox's logo ( you can see it here).
2009-10-12 14:30:37

cool article. I saw that Victorinox also launched fragrances for men based on swiss ingredients. We can find it on Cool stuff.
2009-10-27 21:35:27

Could you supply with information to purchase two scissor springs?.I have two knives and both have broken springs.I hope you do not think I am taking liberties.Thank you.
2009-10-29 15:30:34

I think you'll be even more gutted when the rather large airport customs man with bad BO decides to take it off you....

Really beautiful collaboration - perhaps we can call it 'sharp-art' or 'cutting-collaborations'...

....maybe not.
Kevin Blackburn
2009-10-29 21:24:27

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